Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - May 2012

By Ellen Clary (Copyright 2004-2011)
(reverse date order)
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Thu May 31
Walked each dog separately.  They both appear to be ready for this weekend's APDT rally competition.  Trek has to start at Level 1 in APDT so she'll be on leash.

Trek and I went over to Lincoln Park and worked on heeling and stand.  Stand from a sit is coming along but I think I need to focus more on teaching just one behavior and not worrying about everything else.  She sits beside me an I turn and bring my right fist to near in front of here.  At the same time my left hand moves to touch her belly.  I for the most part can fade the left hand part but today she needed it.

Then we worked on long stay.  During the down she would get to 2 min 15 seconds and sat up.  Argh.  So we kept repeating it and kinda sorta got through it but not really.  She's going back to Beginner Novice and doing more Rally work to get her heeling better.  (Hence her getting entered this weekend in an organization that is mostly for Yoshi.)

Wed May 30
Terri helped me walk the dogs.  Did a little rally work with Yoshi but it's hard for him to focus with Trek around.

Tue May 29
Yoshi walk - fine.
Trek class.  Teeter is still below so we skipped most of the lower field.

Upper Field Courses (in progress)

Blue Course

Orange Course.
That 15 backside was difficult but we did ok by doing a landing side cross with it.

Sat May 26
Ellen goes to Mt. Diablo and the dogs spend noon time with Jan hanging out in the backyard.  Jan noticed that Yoshi is way more relaxed with Trek around.  He just relaxed and laid down in the sun.  When she's let him out before he's been hypervigilant.

Fri May 25
Both dogs herding.  trek is really getting it.  Yoshi is still not listening and pushing too hard.  Linda stepped in and he started to behave really nicely.  I wish I understood what she does besides intimidate him.  I'm thinking I should just pay her to handle him in July if she'll do it.

Thu May 24
Trek noon walk. 
Got a scare when we walked by my neighbor's house and his Rottie was out.  The Rottie barked and came towards us but stopped.  He's clearly just uncomfortable and guarding his front door but I've had friends whose Pappillions were killed by Rottie's so they and other bully breeds make me nervous when they're off leash because if one went after one of my dogs there is little I could do since they are so powerful.  Fortunately we went by without incident and I knocked on another neighbor's door asking him to call the owner who works nearby.

We were going to go out to the school and back but changed plans and then walked a loop.  Just getting Trek to go towards the crossing guard intersection took effort.  Now that there is a scary Rottie there it might get worse.  Fortunately the crossing guard wasn't there so by the time we got there she was fine and the rest of the walk went smoothly.

Yoshi evening walk
We saw 3 dogs and adding leash tension is working well for keeping his attention on me.  The first one we just hid behind a parked car and he fussed some hearing the dog.  The other two I tightened the leash and kept walking and it worked fabulously.  I don't know if the tension is a reassurance or a reminder to behave but in either case it was a remarkable calming device.

We went over to the park and worked on heeling, fronts and finishes in both direction.  He has these moments when he'll just checkout starting in the distance (that long vision) and I say "Hey" and pull him around on the leash.  Then the next time he pays attention.  After repeating that a fair bit I had a pretty attentive dog though I didn't have cheese with me, just crunchies.

Wed May 23
Straightforward walks for both dogs.

Tue May 22
Yoshi morning walk.  Easy.

Trek noon walk.  I was going to insist she go by the crossing guard but a small army of children were approaching and if there was ever a time he was going to blow the whistle this was it.  So we turned around and found ourselves in front of older kids one of who was carrying a basketball.  I picked Trek up because he immediately started to bounce the ball and I had to shout (nicely but he couldn't hear me) to get him to stop.

The rest of the walk was fine.  She always wants to be further away than she should be for heeling.  I need to consistently walk in a straight line.  If I reward her a lot for position then she'll hold it but I need to ask.

We did a lot of right turns where she had to hustle to keep up with me.

Trek Agility Class
Wasn't happy about the teeter and the gate noise.  Sharon had me run across the ring which got her to follow me.

Upper Field
She's happier in the upper field where there is no teeter.
Orange Course - trouble with tunnel 8 - ran past it.

Blue Course
It went well.    I led out past 2 but Sharon was suggesting part way up the DW.

Mon May 21
Easy walks for both dogs today.  I wasn't making any demands on them, but they both asked to work.  Yoshi suddenly remembers how to do Finish Right.  Trek's backup is still crooked but ok enough.  They both understand Front.

Jennifer just talked me into entering Yoshi into the Deep Peninsula DTC trial that is also at Hayward on Sunday June 24th.  It's good that it's in the same place so one less unknown.  If he Q's there then I have to decide whether to wait for the Corgi Nationals to try for his title there or not.  It's tricky as i should be going back to Trek, but she's doing NADAC agility in July, and they both have herding July 7-8.

Sun May 20
An Email summarizing today's Yoshi adventure:

With some trepidation Yoshi had his debut in AKC Rally Novice today.

He actually Q'd with a 79. He even had one Get That [Moving] Golden
outburst. Such things are called Loss of Control and this judge took 10
points off for it. After his moment, he was able to refocus mostly.

Thanks to all the supportive CU people who came up to say hi.

This was his first time doing Rally outside at a trial. He usually
isn't a big sniffer, but of course he started to almost immediately and
I have to talk to him most of the run.

Will he continue in AKC Rally Novice? Maybe. I haven't really
decided. If his occasional outbursts are not instant NQs then it might
be worth trying for a little bit, but he is highly unlikely to shine
like he can at the low-distraction APDT Rally trial environment. He's
certainly never going past Novice in AKC, but he might be able to in APDT.

But even so the exposure might be good for him. He started to relax as
time passed. He approves of how well behaved obedience dogs (pot kettle

Things that helped.

We got there early.
He was crated away from most people save for his friends and his crate
was covered.
But he wasn't crated that much, I let him absorb the environment and
sniff around and practice some.
He got to say hi to a lot of friends
I went through to Rally Excellent with Trek first so I was familiar with
showing in Rally and wasn't stressing about those details.
Trek stayed home so I could focus just on Mr. Y.

This trial was very carefully chosen

Oakland DTC is my club and they know him even if the judge doesn't.
I know the trial location well and knew that Rally wouldn't be crowded
in somewhere and that there was room to spread out.
It was outside (he reacts to entrances of dogs when he is in a building)
It was small with not a lot of dogs
(It was a happy accident that a passel of barking Norwich Terriers
didn't show up - they have in years past.)
I like the judge

And most importantly. I was stewarding this very ring a couple years
back thinking: Yoshi could do this.

Video: http://youtu.be/M1I53cpl7fg

I'm happy we don't have to do this for the first time ever again, but
very glad it wasn't that traumatic.

What would I have done differently? I would have brought a plain
McDonald's hamburger to give him immediately afterward.

Trek went with me to work to drop off some equipment so she got to race around the halls some.

Sat May 19
Yoshi bike-run Washington Park
He mostly wanted to sniff and there were some burrs out that he didn't like so we didn't get a whole lot of running in - for the summer I might want to stick to Bay Farm.

There were some very cute goslings out with their parents.

Steered around three dogs fine but when one approached again we weren't in a position to keep biking around then so we went off onto a hill to let them go by and he got very upset.  I talked to him and would turn him around to not face the dog but he kept thrashing to spin around (hooray for harnesses.  I help on to him by the harness and he kept wanting to charge.  This doesn't bode well for tomorrow, but the dogs there will be slower and probably not moving around much so there is hope.

Trek and I went with Cathy and Jesse and Abby to Point Isabel.  It was fun and I got some nice photos of her.  Lots of foxtails are out there now which is a bummer as you have to be careful where you go.

So I am entering Trek in a NADAC trial in Santa Rosa July 14-15.  One ring, outdoors on grass which is ideal.  And NO teeter.  She'll do 2 Standard classes (in Open), a jumpers class (in Novice - why she only has one Jumpers Q is mysterious since she's now a jumping fiend), and Chances which is their Gamblers class (Novice).

Fri May 18
Trek went to the Corgi Specialty for Novice and Rally Ex.  Well as expected her Novice heeling was mostly a disaster that I kinda sorta deliberately NQ'd by giving her a second command and she NQ'd it by popping up in the last minute of her down.  Her down is usually excellent so I'll have to work on this when/if we go back to it.
Her Rally Excellent was only slightly better.  Lots of wides and one IP where she didn't get the moving stand correct twice - she did in a different area and I was pleased that her stand from a sit work(!).  So she got her title with a 75/100 which is basically mostly terrible though there were parts that I really liked.

Looking back over the details it wasn't so bad.  Mostly a whole bunch of wandering during the heeling.

We also met a woman named Jezelle and Pem Edward who Judy was grooming for the show ring.  She said some very nice and completely undeserved comments on how well Trek looked in the ring.  I graciously said: "Thank you. She was terrible."  She was nice enough to disagree.

10 dings for being out of position.  2 repeats.  One there wasn't room for her to do correctly (the #4 moving stand).
But now that I look at it there is a whole lot of things that she did correctly.  She did the really hard stand from a sit (#2), and in #12 she did the moving stand and I walk away, down her, recall and front, and a finish (right).  the backup worked - a little diagonal, but no real deduction.  This is with her wiping at her eye.  I should just put stuff in her eye beforehand though it was still early.

Ironically this is really -24 not -25 not that it matters.  She did get her Exc Title though she is clearly not done with Rally.

On the other hand the Novice heeling was pretty sad though Q'ing until I gave that second command (out of annoyance)  She got up at the end of the down too just to completely sink things.  Back to either Beginner Novice or just stay in Rally.  No moving to Open now - bummer.  I was hoping to have both titles but she only has one Novice Q and that was another barely passing one.

So now what to do?  Both dogs are in an APDT trial on June 2-3, and they're in a herding trial in July which should be entertaining.
Agility has been on hold while we worked on Obedience and Rally.

Is it time to try NADAC again?  Might as well.

Yoshi evening walk.

Thu May 17
Both dogs walk  - no real drama to speak of.
Yoshi is doing good Rally work.  I have no idea how he'll be at the trial.  It completely depends on the other dogs.

Wed May 16
Yoshi noon walk - no dogs.

Trek agility class. 

Lower Field.  I don't crate her in the lower field when the teeter is there - I just have her in the car
I don't attempt the teeter but have her run the course without it.  She was also being strange about the panel jump.  Later on we went back and she did three teeters and the panel jump - once i convinced her it wasn't going to bite her.

Upper field

6-9 she completely smoked and she was into the weave poles before I could call her.  Sharon said she was really "motoring" and she was 2nd or 3rd time I was finally able to get her attention for 10.

Tue May 15
Trek walk fine - she's being less of a freakazoid about the crossing guard's corner since he doesn't blow his whistle much.

Yoshi evening walk
This was an important one.  I've been experimenting with leash tension as it seems to be something of a calming device.

It helped him watch two different dogs go by.  One that was approaching us and we ducked down a side street about 1 house width (maybe just over) and watched them walk past.  All he did was ask for cheese.

Then we parallel walked with a little dog and that went ok until we stopped at a corner thinking they were just going to cross and then instead crossed the street looking right at us.  Yoshi started to bark and this time I calmly guided him further away while the owner explained to her dog that Mr. Y doesn't want to say hi.  I wound up kneeling down and taking a hold of his collar and this seemed to calm him down.  I have to be a little careful with taking a hold of his collar as I don't want him to slip out of it but that's not likely the way it's fitted.

But certain gentle leash pressure seems to help him settle some.  So everything you've heard about tight leashes is not entirely true if you can send reassurance down the line.

Mon May 14
Trek noon walk - went by the school.  I am thrilled.  In this context she knows stand from a sit.  The one I had pretty much given up on.  It's the one were she is sitting in heel position and I turn towards her twisting at the waist right hand into a fist with it moving [some] to the ground.  I have no idea how I came up with it (desperation) but it's working   I do say Stand but not sure if it's necessary.

It's good that it is working as Stop-Stay was prompting a sit not a stand.  So I switched over to doing the right fist motion and said Stand and it worked!.  I could probably say Stay also since they're similar.

Her back up is doing great too.

Yoshi evening walk
After yesterday's frustration I had a definite agenda for this walk.  I have resolved to use more gentle leash tension as a way of sending reassurance and information.  The key is to be relaxed.  I don't know why dog people can't learn from horse people.  Dog people are forever told to have a loose leash and I think this ethic has set Yoshi's progress back a year or so.  A little tension seems to settle him some in particular situations where he's uncomfortable.

3 dogs.  3 scenarios.
On Court approaching dog.  Medium sized short hair kind of heavy set bully breed.  Very similar to a dog he reacted to yesterday.  They are on Court across Central we watch them approach and then cross Court to watch them pass.  Yoshi sees the dog and then decides to bug me for cheese.  Good dog and as a reward I do a BAT style walk in the other direction down Central to release the pressure of the other dog and feed him cheese.
Then we turn around and coming towards us on Central is a slightly bouncy Portuguese Water Dog.  Again after watching them approach, we cross Central and this time just watch them go by with Yoshi harrassing me for cheese and not caring about the Portie.
We cross back over to our usual side of Central and one of the Labs came chargin up to his gate.  Yoshi knows this dog is often there and instead looks to me for cheese.

So what was different?  I did keep more leash tension, I had cheese, and he was in familiar territory  Maybe I should have cheese or a hamburger or a pizza with me on Sunday.  Maybe I should go back to Bay Farm with cheese (or Natural Balance).  He might be burning out on the dry treats though he will eat them.

Sun May 13
Yoshi Bike-Run.  Went very well though I did jam the bike chain up and had to walk a short way.  Ran him around 1/2 a mile on Bay Farm.  It was very lovely.
Then went over to one of the small Bay Farm parks and worked on Rally.  This didn't go nearly so well and he had a couple of barking meltdowns to passing dogs at across the street distances.  I was not happy about this at all and really got on his case about it.  Fortunately I had left his harness on and he was really easy to grab and say Stop It.  I don't know if that had any effect at all.  When we get into arguments things just seem to escalate.  I'm not at all very confident about him debuting in AKC.  My entry fee may just be an Oakland DTC donation which would be fine.

It's funny as there was someone walking two Labs that Yoshi did not react to and we ever parallel walked with them some while heeling.  He had checked them out previously and I guess he decided they were ok.

Sat Mar 12
Terri and Ellen go hike on Mt Diablo and Mark lets doggies out to play.

Fri Mar 11
Both dogs herding.
Both are improving.  Trek is really starting to do well.  For her I used a regular herding wand this time and not a taped up flag.  Yoshi did lose it once and starting to fence bark with the neighbors dogs for which I did whack him once with the flag.  Those dogs seemed to go away fortunately.  He doesn't stop as readily but he's better than he was.  Worked on crossdrives again as this might be an issue.  Linda's ducks tend to stick to the fence, but I don't know if the Vacafille Runner Ducks will or not.  By reputation they mostly charge the pen where they live.

Before that we all did a Corgiville re-creation with Trek as the star.  Trek held her stay quite well until it got too hot, but we got some nice photos out of it.  (She is the victim of being cute, but a good sport about it as long as she's paid.)

It was a whole bunch of fun:  http://frap.org/Trek/trek-to-corgiville.html

Thu Mar 10
Trek noon walk.  Now that the days are heating up I think it's going to be her who gets worked in the heat.  I completely forgot treats so we didn't do much actual work but we did walk past the school which was have a very noisy recess which she wasn't entirely thrilled about but came along.  She would bury her nose in something every so often and instead of pleading with her to move.  I tried doing mild, but annoying collar pressure.  This is a version of negative reinforcement as the reward is the annoyance goes away.  It actually mostly worked.  Then we went down Broadway which is a busy street but it wasn't that busy right then so she had no issue with it.

Yoshi evening walk.  Again we went over to the park and worked on Rally, and we found a couple of dogs to watch at a distance which worked well.  This is in contrast to the beginning and ending of the walk where he had a couple of screaming incidents to passing dogs that were closer.  The first one was 2 labs that were walking quickly and catching up to us and we charged across the street but I really didn't have enough time to prepare and he was surprised.  The one at the end was also a surprise when a dog appeared right in front of us as we approached a street corner (they were going across our path and we didn't see them until they were right in front of us.  I just kneeled down and held him and told him to Leave It which didn't do any good.  Surprise seems to be a huge factor.  If he's not surprised he has a chance of controlling himself.

Doing some of the Rally stuff he was way distracted and would stare off into the distance which doesn't bode well for outdoor shows, but outdoors is pretty much his only chance at often crowded AKC trials.  He'd be heeling and I'd tell him front and he did but when I told him to finish left (By Me) which he's only done several 1000 times he would get half way through it and pause to look.  I finally started hauling him around by the leash (pulling not jerking) to clue him in that this wasn't ok and he improved.

I also did some of the annoying collar pressure with him when he would zone out sniffing and I wanted him to move and it also worked with him too.

Wed May 9
Trek noon walk.  Went around the school which was pretty quite this time.  She can mostly now reliably stand from a sit which is funny as I don't really care that much about it.  The one I do care about is the moving stand ("Stop-Stay") as that is used in utility and it's working pretty well.

Yoshi walk.  Went over to the park again.  Did a lot of good rally work though he is much more distractable in that environment.  Saw a couple of dogs in the distance.  Only on our way back we saw two small dogs coming towards us and we crossed the street to watch them go by.  Yoshi barked a little but managed to hold it together.  It's funny he barks only after I've fed him cheese.  It's enough to withhold it until later.  THEN as we were doing this another small dog started right towards us so we went back to a side street and retreated 1/2 a house length.  It worked which was nice to see.

Tue May 8
Yoshi noon walk
Saw a neighbor's dog in the distance but decided not to bother them.  Some familiar labs were barking from behind a fence and it provided great concentration exercise.  I still need a verbal way to cut through his locked on focus.  A leash pull works, but I really want a verbal.

Trek agility class.

Did one run on the lower field skipping the teeter.

She did ok on the 3 upper field runs but was running really pokey except on the straight aways.  Sharon had us doing a couple of gamble distance layering and Trek did great at that.

Course 1 orange
Front cross after the weaves and it was a bit of a hike to get out to 4, then another FC after 5 then a whole lot of running all the way around the field, and the over the double and charge into the tunnel with me on the other side of the DW.  No issue on that at all.

Course 2 blue
We had trouble after the dogwalk.  I couldn't get ahead for a front cross so we instead worked on encouraging her to drive ahead with me saying go go go just before 5.
At the tire to the tunnel she took the wrong end.

Course 3 green
The fun of this one was the cross behind on the weaves (5) and then I had to drive ahead to do a FC so I could pull over to 6.  And then do another FC right after 6, and then blasting all the way back.

Mon May 7
Trek Morning walk
Just to be completely annoying she asked to work and offered fantastic heelilng.  Tried the Stand from a Sit where she's sitting in heel position and I turn towards her (at the waist) with my right fist in front of her, but at my shoulder level (or lower) and move it to the ground by unbending my arm (it's simpler than it sounds.)  It Worked!  Twice.  Just to show that a Stressed Trek and an Unstressed Trek are completely different dogs.

How am I going to help her?  The only real stress beside the trial situation was that it was around 80 degrees.  She'll do a jumpers course in that but once she gets into this "I don't like this. Can I go to my crate?" she's pretty hard to work with.

i usually walk her at noon but did her because Yoshi needs his nails done and I'll walk him after that to take the edges off.  This means that Trek gets to do more Rally Advanced.  I'll have her get the last Excellent Leg but Rally Excellent can be a little strange so Advanced would be better Obedience prep.  I'm checking to see if she can maybe get into the APDT trial that Yoshi is entered into.  She can so I sent her entry in also.  Both dogs are entered in the morning trials June 2-3.

Evening Yoshi walk
Went over to Lincoln Park in search of dogs.
I don't think that Yoshi recognizes what a leash is, he acts like it's loose.  He certainly knows what a fence is.
Talked to Judy down the street for a bit and her dog Cisco was in the back yard.  Yoshi barked at him and them relented and just watched him and Cisco watched back (not barking remarkably enough).  Then a Malamute passed across the street.  Bark Bark Bark but I got Yoshi's attention without yelling at him, and he started the Control Unleashed Look At That game.

At the park, there was a loose medium-small white dog who didn't approach us, but as we were keeping our distance we nearly walked into a Lab who appeared from behind a tree.  Yoshi started to lunge and bark, but we turned and walked the other way and I in the same calm, but strong steady voice said Leave It twice and that worked.  I'm finding when I yell or get shrill he ramps up in anxiety but this seems to calm him.

Also we sat on a bench and watched a smaller dog wander in and another medium size dog doing the same thing.
The only incident was that as we were just about to cross the street another medium sized dog walked up to pass behind us.  We're in the cross walk and he's barking.  I tell him this is a bad time for this and I reach down and hold his collar and some of his ruff (so the collar doesn't slip) and guide him across the street.  I then had him sit on the other corner and calm down.  That worked somewhat.

Sun May 6
Trek Obedience Trial: Mission trail Poodle Club in Milpitas

What mixed sort of a day.  Started out great as she got a 95 in Excellent (though it should have been an 89).  the we raced over to Novice and trashed off leash heeling (and pretty thoroughly hosed on-leash too.  Nose on the ground and wandering sort of thing.  Then it got hot for the afternoon and I had a no heeling dog would left the ring in search of shade (twice).  Ironically she got through sits and downs ok (did pop up at the end as I returned), and she did stand for exam fine.

   Rally Excellent

She's being demoted to Beginner Novice and I'm seeing if I can get her into same APDT trial that Yoshi is in.  Unfortunately the Corgi Trial isn't offering Beginner Novice so we'll have to suffer through another one, but we have 2 weeks to train - as if that makes any difference.  Actually we should really work on Stand from Sit as the afternoon judge put two of those in his course. and he had two moving stands which we were able to do (Stop-Stay).  Stand from a Sit we could do outside the ring interestingly enough.  Though we don't need that for Obedience so it's tempting to just accept IPs for those.    She only needs one more Ex Q for her RE title.  Then it's tempting to just go back to Rally Advanced B for heeling training.

I need to make it clear to Trek that she can't do fun retrieving until her heeling is better.

Sat May 5
I worked around the house and the dogs enjoyed the yard very much today

Fri May 4
Dogs herding.  They both split a duck session which seemed to work nicely.  They were both a little reved so over time they will benefit from going in twice though that turns $30 into $60.

They need work on Stop and Slow as usual.  Trek does better when I call her name.

I need to remember that even if Yoshi is fine around a dog that it changes when the dog moves.  He was fine around Cassie a Sheltie until she passed by us and was looking defiantly at him and he just lost it and I was pinching him to get him to stop which just made him worse.  I need to calmly walk him away.

There is a trial July 7-8 in Vacaville that both dogs will be entering (just got the premium)

Thu May 3
Yoshi morning walk.  He saw one of the Fountain GSDs and was able to sit and eat treats while that dog was crossing the street staring intently at him.  Yoshi would jump up on my to eat cheese (secret weapon0 and then sit down, look at the dog, and then turn back for more cheese.  Good Doggy!

Trek noon walk.  Met Cisco and Judy and while we talked Richard and Buddy walked up.  I've never met Richard before, but his dog was quite friendly and nice.  i had forgotten treats, but Trek forgave me mostly.  I let her sniff around more because of it. 

Both dogs got some bits of lettuce from my salad which they actually like.  i guess they eat grass so it's not really a stretch.

Foxtails (relatives) are coming up in the backyard, and i really need to get them all removed out of the yard because for whatever reason the dogs like to eat the leaves.

Wed May 2
Yoshi walk, no issues.  I'm still only giving him cheese as treats but probably can add in dry treats this week sometime but it's only been a week since his extraction so no rush.  He's still got a ways to go with the antibiotic.  Practiced leaving him on a stay and calling him to heel.  Only did it a couple of times but I don't see any issue with it.  i'm trying not to worry about him with other dogs around at the AKC trial for Oakland DTC in Hayward but we have good chances of succeeding there.

Trek noon walk.  Went around the school. It was early so there wasn't much activity there yet and no crossing guard.
What activity was going on didn't bother her at all and we worked on some Rally skills on the wide sidewalks there.  Her stop and stand it still iffy as she sometimes sits.  i'm trying to make it clear that when I say Stop-Stay that she's not supposed to sit.  She gets it right just over half of the time.  Unlike backing up (which looks fine), she needs the standing stop in Utility.

She has ring conflicts for this Sunday's trial in the Poodle Club's Obedience/Rally trail.  It's a small trial so there will be a lot of conflicts.  I need to get there early and speak to the Rally judge because if we can run first in Ex Rally then everything works.

Tue May 1
Noon Did Trek's nails.
Agility class.  The teeter is still on the lower field so we sat out the first run but did the second one since it didn't use the teeter.

Upper Field.  Always a blast.

The hard part here was to back off from the tunnel enough (at 4) to make the front cross and not trip over the dogwalk.  Did have to hustle some to make the FC at 10 but it was quite doable, and I was able to send her and fade more to the right to clear some space.  I think I crossed behind at the chute but had time to get to 13 tunnel.

She actually snuck behind me to take the wrong end of the tunnel at 3.  Nothing I was doing obviously wrong either but we redid it and it worked.  Again had to run but made the FC just after 6 and the FC at 10 worked too.

On the dog walk since we have a running contact Sharon had us run down the fence side of the DW which was cramped but worked nicely to get her to the tunnel with out a lot of wasted ground.

Quick one at the end of class.  Quite a lot of fun and a lot of running.  RC at the chute worked fine.

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Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Jul 2009
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Jun 2009
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - May 2009
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Apr 2009
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Mar 2009
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Feb 2009
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Jan 2009

Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Dec 2008
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Nov 2008
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Oct 2008
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Sep 2008
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Aug 2008
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Jul 2008
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Jun 2008
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - May 2008
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Apr 2008
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Mar 2008
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Feb 2008
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Jan 2008

Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Dec 2007
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Nov 2007
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Oct 2007
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Sep 2007
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Aug 2007
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Jul 2007
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Jun 2007
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - May 2007
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Apr 2007
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Mar 2007
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Feb 2007
Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - Jan 2007

Yoshi Training Diary - Dec 2006
Yoshi Training Diary - Nov 2006
Yoshi Training Diary - Oct 2006
Yoshi Training Diary - Sep 2006
Yoshi Training Diary - Aug 2006
Yoshi Training Diary - July 2006
Yoshi Training Diary - June 2006
Yoshi Training Diary - May 2006
Yoshi Training Diary - Apr 2006
Yoshi Training Diary - Mar 2006
Yoshi Training Diary - Feb 2006
Yoshi Training Diary - Jan 2006

Yoshi Training Diary - Dec 2005
Yoshi Training Diary - Nov 2005
Yoshi Training Diary - Oct 2005
Yoshi Training Diary - Sept 2005
Yoshi Training Diary - Aug 2005
Yoshi Training Diary - Jul 2005
Yoshi Training Diary - Jun 2005
Yoshi Training Diary - May 2005
Yoshi Training Diary - Apr 2005
Yoshi Training Diary - Mar 2005
Yoshi Training Diary - Feb 2005
Yoshi Training Diary - Jan  2005

Yoshi Training Diary - Dec 2004
Yoshi Training Diary - Nov 2004
Yoshi Training Diary - Oct 2004
Yoshi Training Diary - Sep 2004
Yoshi Training Diary - Aug 2004
Yoshi Training Diary - July 2004
Yoshi Training Diary - Jun 2004
Yoshi Training Diary - May 2004
Yoshi Training Diary - Apr 2004

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