Yoshi and Trek Training Diary - 2013

By Ellen Clary (Copyright 2004-2013)
(reverse date order)
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Tue Dec 31
Busy day at work so no walk, but some fetch in the yard with both dogs.

Mon Dec 30
Walk with both dogs at noon.  They enjoy it but it's much more work for me though it might not be double so it might actually be ok though I get less exercise.  Haven't really been severely test on with a dog showing up too close at precisely the wrong time.  My plan is to grab Yoshi and not worry too much about Trek - which she is never happy about, but she copes usually.

A gardening neighbor complemented them and I said they said thank you and that they wanted to help her garden and that she should say no.  She laughed.

Sun Dec 29
Beach day with Trek
Here are the photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10201941665435918.1073741860.1013097814&type=1&l=f3f3f830ea
Wound up at the Great Highway and Sloat parking lot.  Took a while to get there via Lincoln along Golden Gate park, but I wanted to go to Mollusk Surf Shop first which was fun and then drove down Highway 1 to find the parking lot at Sloat on the South end of the Sunset.  In the future, I'll get off at Ocean (from 280), then Right on Junipero Serra, then Left on Sloat and we'll be right there.  About 45 minutes or less.

Walk for Yoshi.  Carefully watched a Vishla walk by across the street.  No issue.

Sat Dec 28
Walk with Yoshi.  Turned around for an approaching dog but they wound up going down the street we were going to be going in so we just followed them.

Fri Dec 27
Herding with both dogs [fill in]

Thu Dec 26

Walked the dogs at noon.  Turned the corner at Court and Pinto (a Shih Tzu?) is standing loose in front of his house looking a little lost.  We turn around and walk to the school and back.  If it was just Trek and I, I would have put him back in his yard. No other incidents.

Wed Dec 25
Dogs and us went to Paul and Mary's for their Xmas celebration.  It was great to see everyone but Clea their cat was staring daggers at them.  After having a good sniff, they tend retired to crates while we ate dinner but came back out for the gift giving (and Clea got put away in a room.)

The only dog issue could have been a huge issue, but I saw it coming a long way away.  Earlier in the day, we were standing on the ground outside of their deck talking with everyone on the deck and letting the dogs snort up all the smells.  A neighbor's Little White Fluffy Dog (named Barney) came charging over to me with both dogs on leash.  We had been watching the dog for a while - his family was out playing with an RC car and then he saw us and started running towards us.  I had plenty of time to pick Yoshi up who once he figured out what was happening was barking bloody murder and really struggling to get down.  I only partially saw this part (though Terri did).  As Barney came charging straight up (which is rude behavior according to dogs) in that happy clueless dog sort of way, Trek, the formerly meek, looked right at him took a fast step forward and and barked ru-ru-ruf which was clearly "Go away!"  Barney turned right around and went away a bit though not all the way back, but his Mom came and got him.

Tue Dec 24
Noon: walk for both dogs.  I'm thinking I should do this more often for the short Winter Standard Time days.  They like it and I should just live with the fact they don't get trained much on them except for how to not get tangled.

Sure enough a loose dog charged down the steps, but he wasn't interested in us and just stopped and looked up the steps (he was dragging his leash).  Yoshi barked and barked but didn't try to pull and wasn't in "Get that dog" mode.  We crossed the street and a neighbor said that it was likely a visiting dog - I think she's right.

Steered around a couple more dogs.  A neighbor told me it was nice to see the dogs walking together and I said that walking them together was Comedy Central.  Those honestly, it's a lot better than it was and I'm really good and managing Yoshi now.

Maybe we'll do this for a bit.  A little more stress and less exercise for me, but they get out more reliably.  They enjoy each other's company and they're now 10 and 9 years old, so it seems like worth trying.

Mon Dec 23
Noon walk for Yoshi.  Steered around a couple of dogs but that's about it.

Sun Dec 22
Hike with Trek.  I took a chance and did a loop hike.  Went down the Stream Trail and up Tres Sendas which is a steep climb in places and we almost got to the top of the ridge before she stopped dead at 1.45 miles (completely typical).  I had to go down the trail and get her and entice her to go a few steps at a time with treats.  Then after about three iterations she started happily walking again.  We had gotten past a steep part.  Perhaps there was something weird about that spot.  I so wish I could talk to her and tell her that turning around is longer than just continuing.  Fortunately she kept going the whole way back without incident. 2.75 miles total (instead of 3).


Walk with Yoshi.  He seemed a little more antsy than usual.  Growled at a Lab who wasn't looking at him at all and we watched a Husky go by on Central across the street.  That went well but the rest of the walk he was out pulling on the leash until I got tired of it and make him walk with me normally on part of Gibbons and then we ran down our street catching up to a neighbor.

Sat Dec 21
Walked Yoshi around the school.  A dog inside his house on Pearl hit the screen door hard which was a little disconcerting.  It was solidly closed so there was no danger.  We steered around a couple of other dogs but no real drama.

Nice walk for Trek.

Fri Dec 20
Herding training for both dogs on ducks.  Kinda frustrating as I was hoping to do a lot of fetch and then down but Linda wanted the ducks to get out of the habit of going in circles so we did long line work for both dogs.  Trek was unhappy about the line but did cope sort of.  Yoshi just isn't getting that he has to be gentle to the ducks (Trek is only slightly better), so I'm going to switch him to mixed sheep and goats with an eye to doing Started at Judys at the LA Corgi herding trial

I have 2 GB of video and I only want a little of it, but it takes so much effort to cut it down save for trimming it in Quicktime.

Thu Dec 19
Decided to walk both dogs at noon time since that was going to be the only time.  Usually I walk them separately as I get time with each one and some good training time.  But they like each other's company so a walk together is something of a treat.  It can be a bit dramatic if another dog appears as Yoshi feels he has to protect all of us but we did see a dog approaching and we smoothly U-turned on Central with only a small growl from Mr. Y and we headed over to Santa Clara instead and the rest of the walk was fine

Sunsets are starting to get later already - 10 min later than Dec 1st, but the mornings won't be lighter till mid January, but I usually can squeeze in a short walk before work.

Wed Dec 18
Quick morning walk for Trek I need to come up with another way to work on Stop Slow Down Walk.
Noon walk for Yoshi.  Went back to see if he actually knows a verbal sit.  He downs first every time.  I'm not sure how much a care.  Saw two small dogs at a corner.  They were going were we were standing so we walked a house width down and let them pass.  He got a lot of cheese for that as he was a reluctantly good boy.

I told the other dog walker about the power of cheese as she was out walking the dogs with a broken leg because they won't walk with her husband.  What people put up with instead of training their dogs just amazes me.

Mon Dec 16
Morning walk for Yoshi. Pretty straightforward.  Went back to working on Stop Slow Down Walk
Noon walk for Trek.  Also did Stop Slow Down Walk.  On Gibbons they had the truck that vacuums up the leaves.  It goes slowly so she and I just followed it about a house width back.  She placed me between her and it but otherwise coped fine.

Sun Dec 15
Basic walks for both dogs.  Trek got a funny look on her face on Gibbons and I thought it was the Xmas decorations the people were putting up until I saw her looking over her shoulder and I looked down to find an overweight Bulldog named Brandon standing next to me.  He had slipped out while his people were working.  I told them I was glad I wasn't with my other dog who is less friendly.

Sat Dec 14

More zooming today.  All she does is goose the ducks tail feathers, but it's more than a bit annoying to all but her.  I think that we're going to be working a lot on outrun and down as that's a more important skill than driving and driving we can almost fake by taking a few steps in the right direction and stop and let the stock continue in the direction they were going in.  Some call this Stop and Drift.  I was first thinking that we were going to have to do longer outruns but she was doing it even in the previous training session so we can just start with a basic outrun.  I could put her on a long line but I really like the distance she has (unlike Yoshi) and I don't want to mess that up.  Fixing this may have a setback but we'll go easy.  Ironically for the geese a standing stop would be better but the Lie Down is more clear for now since we have three to four months.

Fri Dec 13
AHBA Herding Trial at Woodside for Trek in level HTD-II.  I spent time working on driving but didn't work on a longer out run which made her a zooming fiend.  She did stop and roll which helped get the fetch to work, and we got around the cone ok and through the first panel, but couldn't do the drive and finally gave up and crossed the line and finished up the course like it was HTD-I

Thu Dec 12
Because of time I chose to walk both dogs at once at noon.  I don't like doing this as I don't get one on one training time with them, and it's usually high comedy.  But today was peaceful.  I'm thinking I could do this more often though it is a stress when a dog shows up.  We avoided encountering two dogs this time.  This makes the walk more fun for them and more stressful for me.

Trek is herding tomorrow.  She's not ready for this level but we'll give it out best shot.  Barbara C. is the judge tomorrow and Rusty is the judge on Sunday.

Wed Dec 11
Morning walk for Trek.
Noon walk for Yoshi.
Yoshi and I continued to work on Walk, Stop, Slow, Lie Down.
He's getting it.

I decided that I wanted to give Trek a longer walk, so, in the evening, we drove around looking for any sporting events going on.  I looked in three places that were dark and finally instead went over the the shopping center at Bay Farm.  There are people around so it felt safe, but it's not that busy and there's this cool lagoon.  The seabirds were surprisingly active.  We saw an egret and lots of coots.  Trek loved all the new smells.  Didn't do any training, but the change of scenery was nice.

Tue Dec 10
Noontime walks both dogs separately.  For Yoshi, I spent some time working on Walk, Stop, Slow, and Lie Down. He gets it when I'm beside him, but it's harder when he's further away from me. 
Had to take evasive action for an approaching Lab. We went out onto the island barrier that is in Gibbons street waiting for them to pass by, so we could keep walking down Gibbons, but they followed us. Argh. Instead of racing across the rest of the street I picked Yoshi up and walked catty-corner back to Gibbons. Yoshi was a little concerned about this, but did not have a melt down or bark, but just whimpered a little.  Rest of the walk was uneventful.

Trek walk.  This was an out and back of sorts.  We just turned around half way through which completely steered around walking past the crossing guard and the whistle.  Fortunately that's a very mellow whistle that the guard has, but it still stresses Trek.  Also did a check on Walk-Slow-Stop-Lie Down but this is easy for her.  What Trek needs to work on is a wider outrun which we can't do on walks.  We might be able to manufacture some in the backyard and also the park.

Mon Dec 9
Quick, way cold, walk around the block for Trek.  I am only one layer short of what I wear in mountain snow.
Yoshi went out at noon just down the block and back.  He clearly indicated that he felt gipped.

Auburn is having their next AKC herding trial May 31-June 1, 2014.  Given how much better behaved Yoshi is with Linda handling, I'm going to have her try to handle him.  He usually wants me in the arena, but I'm hoping just being visible is ok.  He's currently entered in ducks and sheep and Trek is entered in ducks.  I will readjust after the April LA Corgi trial where Trek is going to try geese again and I might give Yoshi a shot at the sheep at the trial level because Judy's sheep are so terrific.

Sat Dev 7
Yoshi went with me to Bay Team Santa Rosa because I wanted to donate a large box of Clean Run magazines and some turf shoes.  After all that was done, I then took him out and carefully walked him around.  He did very well outside of the ring area.  I even picked him up and carried him under the ring roof where all the dogs were running.  He only barked once at a dog that was walking by quickly and the only danger was from him dislocating his neck as he kept spinning his head back and forth and back and forth trying to watch *everything.* He ate some yummy cheese and for a while we just waiting at a fence and watched the dogs run.

Fri Dec 6
Late to work again so no morning walk.  Herding is going to be this afternoon and Trek will be the only one going as it's the last one before the trial next week.  She's going to be working on her driving.

Thu Dec 5
Short was for Trek in the morning. Normal walk for Yoshi at noon.  Went the other direction and I gave the crossing guard a treat to give him. Trek doesn't like going near them because of the whistles but Yoshi doesn't care.

Wed Dec 4
Late for work and it was cold so Trek didn't get a walk this morning but Yoshi did get a short one at noon.  No drama.

Tue Dec 3
Morning walk for Trek Noon walk for Yoshi.  Windy, iffy weather so both of their walks went the shorter way down Santa Clara.  With Trek I can say Stop and she'll stop and I can walk forward and verbally say Down, and then Sit and then Come, and she nails it.  She's not as good with signals past the Down signal, but I didn't try that today.

Mon Dec 2
Basic walks for both dogs.

Sun Dec 1
Today was a ton of fun for me and some fun for the dogs.
We went to Pacifica.  I was there to watch and video surfing to help me with a fictional story I'm writing.  I was thrilled to see that dogs on leash were allowed on the beach, so both dogs got separate walks. Trek got to hang with a male surfer that I was talking with which she was thrilled about and Yoshi said hello to a beach goer.  Yoshi only had one meltdown when a dog came close that I didn't see as I was talking to a different surfer, but I finally reeled him in.  For the most part the pick him up and carry him routine works fine when a dog is coming close.

Sat Nov 30
Walked both dogs separately on Bay Farm.  Picking Yoshi up when dogs appear is just as effective as feeding him when the dog is close.  When the dog is further away he's still happy just to look to me for a reward.  They both enjoyed the change in scenery and smells.

Fri Nov 29
Herding both dogs
After Yoshi working on a long line with ducks I decided that he wasn't ready to trial.  He is improving but has a ways to go (need to review the video more).

So I decided that Trek should get a go at HTD-II.  As a result Trek got the second run, working on driving as while there is a longer outrun in the II level the tricky part is a drive where I have to stay in one place and she has to take them across to the next set of panels.  Once they clear that then I can go to the pen and pen them.

Thu Nov 28
Thanksgiving.  We all went off to Lake Wildwood for Thanksgiving.  Dogs and I in one car and Terri in the other one because I am going to be doing some herding training on Friday in Woodside. Kind of a boring day for the dogs as I didn't have time to walk them so them just got to walk around the front of the house and sniff those great smells and argue with me about wanting to eat something that an animal left.

Wed Nov 27
Morning walk for Trek.  She's bugging me to work once I asked her to work to stop eating every little thing she found on the ground.  Some rally and some go outs and down.

Both dogs charged out the backdoor carrying toys so I threw a couple more out there and had Trek clean the yard.  She still wants to throw the toy at me when she gets back so now I'm working on standing up more instead of bending over when she arrives.  She's improving - a little.

Yoshi noon walk.  Worked on down and stay and he did great on his own when a dog went by on the other side of the street while I was looking carefully at a tree.  Then on Gibbons we had 2 scooters and a small dog on leash approaching rapidly. I tried to cross but there was traffic so I picked him up while we waited for the 2 cars to go by.  He was growling and worried about the dog but did not explode.  His 10 times better when he's being held.  If I had just picked him up and continued on the sideway past them he might have been ok.  We'll now start working on this.

Tue Nov 26
Yoshi got a noon walk which went fine.  Worked a lot on down and stay.  He's improving, but my walking around while he downs is hard for him.

Mon Nov 25
Walk for Trek down and up the street to get out and sniff and a little heeling.

Noon Yoshi walk was fine.

Sun Nov 24
Yoshi walk.  It was getting dark so we went down Thompson where the trees are smaller.  No meetings at all.  Nice brisk walk.

I noticed he doesn't understand downing at a distance from me.
Worked on it in the backyard on a 6' leash.
Let him go to it turn around and I'd say Lie Down.  That was ok but at 10' away, he would take two steps closer to me and then down.  I put him in a sit first and was tossing the treats, so he figured out the sooner he his the ground the faster the treat came.  I was able to increase it to 15-18' and he started downing in place.

Fri Nov 22
Duck herding for Yoshi.  He's so much better for Linda.  I have to go over the video more.  With me he charges the ducks.  He doesn't do this with her.  The ducks stay better with Linda too.

Thu Nov 21
Yoshi morning walk.  I'm falling down on my noontime walks.

Wed Nov 20
Some more rain but less.  Trek morning walk

Tue Nov 19
Rained like crazy - no walks.

Mon Nov 18
Trek morning walk
Yoshi evening walk

Sun Nov 17

Walked them on a local trail there which was nice except for a dog named Lucy who wanted to race up to us, but her owner called her back.

Sat Nov 16
Both dogs went with us to Lake Wildwood.  They absolutely love my mother-in-law's carpet and are wrestling like demons.

Fri Nov 15
Herding both dogs
Yoshi worked on sheep mostly in an expen I would send him around the edge in one direction and then asking him to stop which he mostly didn't pay attention to my Stop command until he had come around the circle and could see me.  Then I would open the xpen up and we herded the sheep around  until he get too amped up and then we put the sheep back in and went back to working on the Flank and Away directionals. Then we switched back.  Eventually we put a long line on him which seemed to help, but I can tell it's going to be a long training road.

Trek worked on ducks and she would alternate between doing great and then charging at them and splitting them into all the directions.

Thu Nov 14
morning - short but went fine.

Yoshi Noon
Reverse direction which seems to change everything.

4 dog encounters

1 husky on Gibbons and Johnson - turned around and they crossed the street.
Minor growl no bark.

Small brown curly coated dog on Santa Clara

Medium sized white dog also on Santa Clara.

2 medium sized poodles on Court one starting and stiff.

All mostly ok.  Lots of treats.

Wed Nov 13
More basic dog walks.  Trying to adjust to the shorter days.
Yoshi's bloodwork came back normal - Phew.

Tue Nov 12
Basic dog walks.
Yoshi seems to be doing better today.  Took him to see Dr. Wydner.  She said that usually the pits just pass through.  I mentioned that some of the pits were open, she said that there is only small amounts of cyanide in the pits.  But after talking about it we decided to give him a blood test anyway since he's on Prozac anyway.

Mon Nov 11
We're back from Seattle.  Dogs seem happy.  They're overweight because we told her to feed them 1/2 c each meal, instead of 1/3 c.

At 7pm Yoshi pooped a ton - nearly fiiled the bag.  The fence keeping them out of the plum droppings is down to they've been helping themselves.  There were several plum pits in his poop.

Yoshi seems pretty subdued and out of sorts.

2am I wake realizing that I'd regret it forever if something was wrong with him.  So I'm googling are plums toxic to dogs and I find out that the pits contain cyanide especially when they're broken up.  Oh great.  I leave a message with his vet.

Fri Nov 8 - Mon Nov 11
We're in Seattle.  Dogs are being entertained by Sophia.

Wed Nov 6
Trek morning walk.  She's being a sniffing pill.  Finally got her walking reasonably.

Noon: had to pick up Yoshi's prescription, no time for a walk.
Vet says that Yoshi needs to come in for an exam.  We'll schedule that when we're back from Seattle.

Evening: charged home and gave Yoshi a short walk in the fading light.

Did the dog's nails.

Tue Nov 5
Trek morning walk
Yoshi noon walk.  Barked at a small passing dog while I was talking to Ray over on Court.  Distance was about 1/2 a house length and I was distracted.

That night Trek was just eating grass constantly and was begging me for food all lunch.  She is still 1/2 a pound overweight but I should find a way to give her more less caloric food.  She doesn't digest carrots well but I'll try small pieces.

Mon Nov 4
Yoshi morning walk.
Trek noon walk - she's being annoying as there is still Halloween candy wrappers all over the place.  Finally got her walking.

Sun Nov 3
Time change time to wake up 1/2 an hour earlier and walk a dog in the morning.
Yoshi got a walk - Trek got ignored - she didn't care.

Sat Nov 2
I went to Yosemite to obtensibly look at the Great Sierra Mine neglecting the detail that even though the road is open it IS NOVEMBER and there is snow on the ground.  So I did a short hike around Yosemite Creek instead, took a lot of photos and came back.  No walks for dogs.

Fri Nov 1
Herding.  Trek on light sheep and Yoshi on sheep and goats

[fill in]

Thu Oct 31
Noon: Quick walk for Trek - no issue save for a noisy truch that she put me between her and it.

It's Halloween.  Fast walk with Yoshi among the early wee ghouls.  I wanted to get a photo of a car that had been decorated on someone's lawn.  This took some careful steering around dogs, but it worked!

Wed Oct 30

Yoshi noon walk
We would up slowly approaching the reactive small white dogs on Central.  They went down the side street and I was debating going the other direction even though it might mean running into them, but another dog was approaching from that direction so we would up continuing slowly stalking them though we stopped to watch the other dog go by a house width away.  Eventually we were able to continue on after they turned the corner.    Yoshi was completely fine with being barked at from a 2 house width distance.

Trek evening walk
I talked at length to a neighbor about a car break-in, so we just went around the block but we took the long way which is still a good walk.  Met a woman named [Something]-Ann with beige version of a medium sized white fluffy dog.  His name started with B.

Tue Oct 29
Yoshi evening walk.  Went around the school perimeter.  Same dog was playing fetch but we decided to try walking by - no issue.

Today's them was let's cross the street and let the approaching dog pass by and then cross back.  We did this for a medium size white dog, a smallish bully breed.  Saw a LabX at the corner and we waited till they crossed in our direction and then we crossed away from them.

Trek walk.  She's asking to do some rally work so I obliged her.
We wound up slowly starlking the two reactive small white dogs on Central for two blocks. 
I need to decide on the December Rally trail - I don't think we're going to do it.

Mon Oct 28
Minor dog sightings on Yoshi's evening walk.

Sun Oct 27
Day two of herding
Rusty is today's judge.  I always have to keep reminding myself that each day is a brand new day and while things learned the day before are useful they are not the most important thing.

Their HT pen was not being used for this trial, so I was able to put Trek in it and let her run around some and burn off some energy. I think this was an issue yesterday.  I should have run her around more.

Today she stopped and did not make the ducks fly.  We still had some outrun issues and the ducks got away at least once and we lost 11 points on the outrun which unfortunately is an NQ, but we got around the entire course this time.

I have video for both days (camera on a tripod) but I don't think I'm going to post it anywhere.

Rusty says that if we get our flanks more squared off that we should be doing fine as all of the other elements where there.

Sat Oct 26
Trek herding in Auburn
Well the day after she herded sheep she was completely on fire and wouldn't listen.  It was lit a bee had crawled up her butt and was buzzing around.  While her outrun was ok, she wouldn't stop and was much too hard on the ducks and Marian excused us mercifully after 45 seconds.  Trek actually made two of the ducks fly briefly which I've never seen happen - not even Yoshi has done that.

On the way over to my mother in law's we stopped at Western Gateway Park and worked on Flank and Stop and Away and Stop (and Walk and Slow).  She was listening more now.

Had a nice evening at Treva's which saves a hour off my trip to herding.

Fri Oct 25
Trek herding
Completely unintentional breakthrough.  Due to a snafu, the ducks weren't available today and I had only brought Trek since she's the one in the trial this weekend.
So I took her out on leash to move some of the sheep around together.  She of course mostly focused on eating sheep poop which was fine, but every time a sheep moved I praised her and gave her a treat.  We left after a few minutes, then later did another short session and when the sheep moved more she have more interest and I dropped the leash and she went around them looking almost interested before returning her nose to the ground.

I took her out and let her rest and some other dogs run.  Then took her out for a third time this time with 3 lighter sheep mixed in to the school three.  She was more interested and gave me that "thank this thing off." so I removed the leash and said away.  Zoom! Away she went.  I had a dog herding  sheep.  We moved them around the pen for a couple of minutes and then quit.  I was completely shocked as it's been years of: "sheep eugh."  Good dog.

Walk for Yoshi.  On Gibbons a smaller dog that looks part Pappillon and part small Sheltie was staring at us, Yoshi looked back but only growled a little before I called him to look away.  We've see this dog before and she can be barky.  Then two small dogs were approaching.  I tried to get to the corner so we could go down the side street, but the other person was doing the same thing so they turned up Johnson and we watched them go without incident.

Prepping for the herding trial in Auburn this weekend.  I'm excited about it as I want us to qualify both times.  Marian is the judge on Sat and Rusty is Sunday's judge.  I really have to focus on each run and not to redo obstacles.  I only need to get the ducks to within 10' of the cone.

Thu Oct 24
I can just see Trek and I flying around the country looking for ducks to herd.  How silly would that be?  I donít really see it happening.  The dogs love herding, but competitions are few and frustratingly far away.  AND the closest one has insane ducks.  Fortunately, one of the next closest ones has excellent ducks, so we might just be stuck with doing that venue - there are worse things.

I just posted to Facebook:

I love learning herding as it has that old world charm/chaos to it. However finding herding competitions is just a little ridiculous sometimes.

Jammed in evening walks for both dogs.  With it getting dark earlier I really shouldn't work till 5:30.  Of course the time is going to change in a couple of weeks and then it's time for morning/noon walks.

Wed Oct 23
Basic walks for both dogs.  Trek is begging to do more Rally (to get more treats) she has started carrying toys out into the yard and then bringing them back (but sometimes in the heat of the moment forgets to ask for a reward - silly thing.)

Tue Oct 22
Noon walk for Trek.  Didn't make any big demands on her though she wanted to work some.

Yoshi evening walk.  Right out of the door there were a sounds of a cat argument.  As we walked down the driveway Yoshi was barking and I encouraged him with "yeah you bark at those cats." but right as we got to the sidewalk there was a dog across the street and he kept right on barking.  "You can stop any time now."  I put collar pressure on him and he stopped and we just stood there and let the other dog continue down the street. 

We actually went the other way down to the school but there was a bully breed playing fetch at the school, and while the dog was completely focused on his toy, after watching from the opposite corner for a while, I decided that we weren't going to learn anything by walking by, so we went the other direction down Pearl which was nice.  Right as we were turning off Central I saw a dog that was maybe 6" tall.  It was so tiny that Yoshi didn't even see the dog at all.

Mon Oct 21
Morning walk for Trek.  Just down and up the street.

Noon walk for Yoshi.  Passed a couple of painter's dogs who were tied out across the street.  The dogs didn't even look at him.  Yoshi did look at them but I encouraged him to move on and he did without barking or other issue.

Sun Oct 20
Point Isabel for Trek with a short bit of wading
Walk for Yoshi.
We were crossing Santa Clara and a medium sized dog crossed on the other side of the street   He was pretty wired so I pulled on the leash a couple of times and he reconnected and didn't bark at the dog.

Sat Oct 19
Went to the base with Yoshi.  Walked around the soccer fields some and then out and around the buildings then down to the breweries.  Then we went back around and stopped at the skate park.  I thought he's like watching all the activity, but it was too much activity for him and he didn't like the noise of the boards thunking.

Basic walk for Trek.

Thu Oct 17
I'm home sick so no walks for doggies.

Wed Oct 16
Walk for Yoshi.

Tue Oct 15
Trek noon walk.  Went down Santa Clara this time for variety.

Yoshi evening walk.  Saw a bully breed on the school grounds, but we were on the other side of the fence so it was easy enough to avoid them.  No other issues really.

Mon Oct 14
Uneventful walks for both dogs.  I walked Yoshi at noon and we ran into Christina and her daughter Juliane and Juliane was saying that she loved dogs and would love to walk mine.  I said that she could walk Trek and when she's less busy we can talk about her maybe letting the dogs out when we can't be there.  In email I told Christina what I would have a friend do from time to time as far as letting them out.  She said she'd let me know if her daughter's schedule eased up.

Sun Oct 13
Trek and I went on a hike in Chabot on an obscure trail called Willowview Trail.  I've discovered that on our out and back trips, if we go down first then the first part is easier and she'll go further though this trip was only about two miles because of the climb on Willowview.  (I am tired).

Photos are here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10201393369128853.1073741848.1013097814&type=1&l=f6febd6141

Including one meeting with a feral rooster who was assertive, but not aggressive.  It's likely he was hungry.  Roosters are usually not allowed in the urban areas, so he might have been abandoned in the park.

Yoshi walk
As we were approaching Court St. I hear a "Hey!"  That means that the JRT who lives there is likely charging up to us so I pick Yoshi up and up runs the JRT with Daddy in hot pursuit.  Fortunately I get a glimpse of the dog and could tell that even Daddy wasn't right there that she likely wasn't going to be a threat though it's important that I be able to pick Yoshi up.  She seems to be the charge up barking and stop which is nice to know.

We then followed a Lab and her family at a 1/2 block distance which worked nicely.

Sat Oct 12
Afternoon Dog walks
Trek did a usual walk and she was really motivated to do some great rally work (must have been hungry.)  Her heeling is getting tighter and tighter to me and sees to be swinging wide less.
Yoshi walk - we went by the school and were talking with a neighbor.  Two different dogs walked by on the other side of the street and he barked at them, but not seriously.  One was a Mallenois and we actually caught up to them and passed them completely without incident.

Yoshi is limping on his back left leg for a couple of steps.  A vet a while back told me that when small dogs do that it's because their patella is sublexsating and they're just trying to get it back in place.  I have this myself, so I stopped and tried to see if I could get it to move, but I have difficulty finding a dog's patella.  He didn't limp any further after that, but this has happened before.

Fri Oct 11
Lori's class for Trek
Trek is freaking out less in class but still trembles and I have to carry her in there and I put a Thundershirt on her which seems to help her.
Worked on heeling position and responding to collar pressure
One step halts
Stand for exam, some recalls
The jumps did not come out but later one I brought her over and rewarded her for nose touching a jump.
I think for hom all I need are some white painted boards.

Herding for Yoshi, Trek as a tourist
Linda was out of town judging in Washington, so the ducks were not there so Yoshi did two sessions on goats.  One of them working on going out around a curved series of panels (similar to last week but more curved this time), and then the next time I set up a free standing Y chute to practice driving the goats through there with mixed success as the goats always want to follow me.  I have to get everyone going with me to the side and then I step around the panel and let the goats just keep going straight.  If I step too far to the side the goats stop and try to follow me.  If I can get Yoshi in the right place it helps but he always wants to wear by weaving back and forth so it's difficult to get him to walk in a straight line which is not a bad thing.

Thu Oct 10
Yoshi Evening walk around the school
Wow moment.  We were practicing letting the other dog walk by across the street while Yoshi would look at them and then look to me for a treat..  Did this for one set of two little white fluffy dogs and one Cattle Dog and we were waiting on a Yellow Lab to go by.  I was feeding him some cheese when I see out of the corner of my eye that the Lab has turned off the direction they were going and was walking towards us (presumably he lives on the very small street whose corner I was standing on and is walking by about 12' away.  Yoshi just keeps eating and notices the Lab, but doesn't seem to care.  When I am able to breath again I laugh and tell the woman that I didn't expect them to come this way.  She said sorry and I said no he's actually doing phenomenally well for this.
Good dog - he got extra cheese for that and a whole lot of praise and pets.

Trek walk.  She started doing some rock-the-house heeling work all on her own so we keep it up for a couple of blocks doing standard pattern at first then Rally stuff like weaving around, fronts, finishes, backing up, downs, stand from a sit.  Then I started chaining them all together.  She loved it.

Wed Oct 9
Park walk for Yoshi.  Stopped and let a dog go by before we went into the park.  There were a couple of other ones that we saw but no reaction no drama.  He was beset upon by 3 kids who wanted to say hi and I let them.  He did fine though was puzzled.

Trek walk - the usual. She also got to say hello to some more cautious kids.

Tue Oct 8
Straightforward walks for both dogs.

Mon Oct 7
Evening walk for Yoshi.  Relaxing and no dogs, though he did look carefully at a shopping bag.

I checked and Trek is entered in the Auburn trial on ducks for both days - hooray!

Sun Oct 6
Walked the first course.  It's one we can completely ace if she's paying attention and I don't mix up right and left and finish and forward. 

She did it!  With balls bouncing in the background (she hates bouncing balls.)  210/210.  She now has her RL-1 titles..  We lost the run off because I cut all the corners trying to save time.  Ah well, I don't care about placements at this level (I donate the ribbon back after I take photos.  This means that both dogs got their RL-1 title with a perfect score.

More tres boring video here: http://youtu.be/rANMzbWLNqw

She wanted to go home so she got the afternoon off.

Sat Oct 5
Trek APDT/Cynosport Rally
I didn't bring Yoshi because I didn't get enough sleep to deal with both dogs and I'd never been to the venue AND he's had such a nice time at herding I wanted to leave him in his happy place.

Now that I see the place I'm sort of glad he didn't come as unlike the previous location all the dogs are in the building though they are kept back from the entrances, but there is a Rottie here he would not like and some other non-herding dogs he would grouse at.

Trek was looking around a lot during her very first Cynosport Rally run, but I got her through it with only a couple of tightleash deductions and a 208/210 and a second place.

I have video of this run, but it's tres boring.

The afternoon trial the environment was a little noisier and her dry eye was bothering her because the fans were on even though I put drops in her eyes twice.  I repeated a couple of stations and it turned out that I didn't need to as they tend to give a dog time to scratch and fuss, so she had a tightleash, 2 wides and a lag, and then the 2 repeats added 3 off each so she wound up with a 200/210.

Now reviewing the video of the first run it is useful enough that I think I'm going to record both runs on Sunday even through I can't get in the full course just most of it.

Fri Oct 4
Dogs Herding [fill in]

Yoshi goats working on distance.
Trek ducks working on a Y chute.

Thu Oct 3
It's slowly sinking in that both dogs are entered in the APDT/Cynosport Rally trial this weekend (both Sat, just Trek on Sun).  I have arranged for a quiet out of the way spot for Yoshi to be crated as it's not set up for car crating.  I think both dogs are ready skillwise but I don't know how Yoshi is going to be in the new environment.  It's a large room with few dogs in the ring area so he should be ok.  If he can concentrate he could get another perfect score but I don't need that I just want to see him and Trek able to work.

Quick morning walk for Trek.  Always when I'm not asking for it she offers brilliant heeling.  Fortunately I was able to reward her and work out some fine tuning on not swinging wide on the about turn but those details don't matter as she has to start off in level one which is on leash.

Wed Oct 2
Yoshi evening walk.  We were on Gibbons when a small dog and her person went running by on the other side of the street.  This used to be a guarantee of a reaction from Yoshi, but this time while he was staring (I get about a second and a half to act) I pulled steadily but gently on the leash and he swung back to me for a reward.  Hooray.  Hooray.

Trek evening walk.  We walked down Thompson and back which we should do more of as that area is calmer traffic-wise.  Except for the UPS truck which she first hid behind me and then got brave and walked with me beside it.

Tue Oct 1
Trek walk
Some nice Rally work.  She doesn't always read the down and sit signals correctly when I'm in front of her and I add more than two.  She knows them but anticipates them and starts to recall after the second one which means I need to vary things more.

Went along the school.  Steered around a German Shorthair Pointer and separately a Lab.  Both twice.
Then back at home talking to my neighbor we crossed the street to let the 2 German Shepherds walk by only to nearly run into 3 small dogs and an Akita for which we just hid behind a small fence in my neighbor's front patio.

Mon Sep 30
Yoshi evening walk.  Had to stop to let a Husky walk by in front of us on Central.
Trek evening walk.  She mostly just wanted to sniff.

Fri Sep 27-Sun Sep 29
The dogs got to spend the weekend with Sophia who stayed in the house.  It was so nice not to worry about the dogs at all and I would get occasional updates via email (I had a laptop with me.)  The dogs got to stay in their house and they even had someone to sleep with on the guest futon.

Fri Sep 27
We're leaving for Mendocino for the weekend so squeezed in the dog walks in the morning.

Yoshi morning walk.  Lots of activitye.  Good/okish attention.  Saw dogs at the end of the block across the street.  He was pulling towards them and then stopped and looked back for a treat.  We heeled past them a couple of times.

Trek morning walk.  We walked to school with all the other kids.  Lots of hubbub.  She did get used to it.  I counted 10 dogs tied to the fence while the parents got their kids settled into class.

Thu Sep 26
Yoshi evening park walk
Very relaxing.  Was able to walk towards and pass at 30' a Sheltie that was walking towards us.  Fortunately he's seems a lot of Shelties and they mostly look "right" to him.
Saw a Pitbull slowly pass us and we were standing about 50' away.
Nearly walked into another smaller dog, but I noticed Yoshi's head turn and we stopped and let them walk past about 40-50 feet away.

Trek's walk was straight forward with some nice Rally work.  Her heeling is fantastic.  Wish that would carry over into the ring.  Both dogs are entered in the upcoming Rally trial and I think they'll be ready.

Wed Sep 25
Basic walks. No drama.
Did Trek's walk in the backwards direction of the usual path.

Tue Sep 24
Yoshi evening walk.  Some dog sightings two that we walked down a sidestreet to let them pass which worked fine even when one of the dogs turned down the same side street.  We nearly walked into a Syke Terrier but U-turned in time.  Yoshi whined a little but didn't otherwise react as the dog went the other way.

Trek evening walk.  Went around the perimeter of the school without much incident.

Mon Sep 23
Yoshi evening walk to Lincoln Park.
Wandered around.  Casually looked for a geocache (more are showing up in the park) did a lot of sniffing.  One dog in the distance coming in.  Passed a large grey deerhound dog twice and then later a small mastif-like one and one more on Central.  We kept a respectful distance and Yoshi didn't react at all though he did notice the dogs and I did the occasional leash tension or talking to him to keep his attention which worked very well.

Trek walk to Edison School.  We just went though the playground and did some heeling work Heeling along the lines, Figure 8's.  Backing up.  And a moving Stand and then Down, Sit, Come.  Playground was relatively quiet so she did nicely.

Sun Sep 22
Yoshi evening walk.  Saw a dachshund across Central and he was leaning towards the dog while walking down the street and I pulled him back and then he was fine though kept a careful eye on the dog.  There was another dog in the distance but he didn't seem to notice.  He was very alert and was carefully watching two people approaching on a side street and it took him a while to realize that they didn't have a dog.

Trek walk.  We went around the school.  There was someone doing a boxing workout with someone else and she was a bit concerned about that, but she was ok after a bit.

Sat Sep 21
Basic walks for the dogs.

Fri  Sep 20
Yoshi on sheep and Trek on ducks.
Yoshi was ok with the occasional sheep chasing incident.  He at least stopped when I asked him to.
Trek is buzzing the ducks less and doing pretty good work.  I take video each time and Trek's look pretty nice.  I am teaching her Back which she seems to already understand.  She  turns around and goes back the other way around the obstacle.

Wed Sep 18
Second day of painting.  Dogs again at work.

Trek ODTC class. 
She did NOT want to go in though she actually did ok for the most part until Mike brought out a rain gutter guide to work with his dog's fronts.  Then she was just shaking and couldn't concentrate, and she kept putting me in between her and the gutter.  I just took to sit on the bench and she just shook.  I just held her and she sort of recovered.  I think she is going to have to come regularly if I want her to get through this - which might not happen.  She was wearing a Thundershirt and I had given her two dropperfuls of Melatonin.

Worked on heeling which was ok in places and not great in others.  Her retrieve and stand for exam were great. Her stays were very good.  She didn't sink at all on her sit though I didn't make her   Figure 8 was ok - not perfect but not terrible either.  Recall good save for still wanting to front to my hand.

Tue Sep 17
House is being painted so dog went to work with us.
Terri had Yoshi and I had Trek.  Terri says that all Trek does in her office is sulk and look for me, but Yoshi curls up in a crate without issue though he does bark at people who come into her office.  Trek just collapses at my feet.  Though she did bark when she needed to go out and poop and I was ignoring her.  She also will bark at some one who comes up to the office, but it's mostly a greeting.

Terri took Yoshi on a short walk and came by my office saying he's a different dog - he's almost normal.  They saw some dogs approaching. Got within a short block and Y+T crossed the street and they passed each other without any issue.  That's excellent news.

Evening walks
Trek - went down High St to Santa Clara.  A girl at Fountain and Santa Clara asked to say hello while I talked to Mom.  Otherwise uneventful though did a lot of heeling asking for treats.

Yoshi - went down by the school and even though when I drove by there earlier with a lot of dogs, there were none when we went by there at 6pm.  Ah well, he was still a good boy.

Mon Sep 16
Trek walk.  Met Deborah (Deb) Weber of http://eastbaydogs.com she had a truck full of dogs that she offered for us to practice obedience around.  I told her that Trek was pretty good at ignoring other dogs and it was more metal that was her issue.  Deb got out to say hello and feed her treats as she used to have a Pem.  Trek was happy to chow down.  Rest of the walk was some nice heeling and other wise uneventful.

Sun Sep 15
Trek walk. Spoke to Eric who lives across the street.  He was getting golf clubs out of his car and Trek wasn't sure about them but she stood by at a careful distance.  Rest of the walk was fine.

Sat Sep 14
Bay Farm walk for Yoshi.  It's good to revisit places you like to go to check on how your training is progressing.
After sniffing a whole bunch (which I encourage) he barked at 2 dogs walking by a ways off.  (Boxer and a smaller dog) we walked away laterally, talking levelly to him, "Oh stop it silly."  Then he reengaged with me and proceeded to ignore another 4 dogs.  then the dogs all disappeared so we walked down the dirt path along the water (after walking down to the water to see if he wanted to put his toes in - he didn't).  While it's a little narrow in places there probably is enough lateral space to allow a dog walking by without him exploding.  We actually didnt' see any dogs until the next park down where we saw an off-leash dog so we just turned around then.  It was a lovely day and a very nice walk.

Trek walk.  Went the usual direction but it was not a typical walk.  Walked by two leaf blowers being used at the same time.  Noise-sensitive Trek is apparently unperturbed by blowers.  I guess they're all noise and no clanging/crashing sounds.  Then we wandered through a garage sale and she found all sorts of things to sniff there.

Fri Sep 13
Lori class for Trek.  Novice level with some dumbbell work.  She coped mostly even through she doesn't like the training hall.  She was willing to sniff the jumps in the corner since no one was touching them.
Put her thundershirt on and gave her two dropperfuls of melatonine (we'll see if this affects herding.)
heeling work
fast normal slow to stop
figure 8s - she still thinks this is weird and doesn't like that the young golden wanted to pounce on her.
stand for exam
dumbbell retreive
I stayed in the room for the sit and she got all the way through a 3 minute sit without sinking though I went back a few moments ahead of time
down I left the room but would reappear - she did great

Trek, Yoshi and BC Boost.

EllenF was nice enough to bring Boost by to see if she would enjoy a herding lesson.  She seemed to enjoy the atmosphere and she was happy to spend time with me doing heeling and sits and downs in an empty arena, but around the stock she was a bit hesitant.  When we swapped the goats for sheep and got Ellen out there with us she was much more engaged and had moments of brilliance but still paid way too much attention to Ellen.  It was certainly a good enough start and if Ellen wanted to pursue it she certainly could and I'd be happy to help with handling, but herding is a sizable commitment and if you're already heavy into agility it would take some consideration.

Trek did well with the ducks today even though she still had melatonine in her system.  The ducks were very up today.
This made duck work a challenge for Yoshi today and I mostly kept him on leash though sometimes he just dragged it around.  He injured his pad last time on goats/sheep and it has just heeled, so I just wanted him to do ducks today.  He got better over time as he got tired.  He had a nice time regardless.

Thu Sep 12
Evening walk for both dogs separately.  Yoshi went the standard way - we steered around two dogs one included us walking down a driveway in stead of crossing the street and this worked which is really nice as it's easier to do that sometimes.
Trek's went around the school which was noisier that usual because of an event this was a challenge for her.

Wed Sep 11
Morning walk for Trek said hi to Carol.
Evening walk for Yoshi.

Tue Sep 10
Noon walk for Trek.  Some nice rally work with out a lot of effort.

Yoshi evening walk.  We went down by the school and then finally down nearby Tregloan which is a little teeny tiny street that we could walk down the middle of.  There is a dog in the yard at Buena Vista and Tregloan that followed us as we walked by but was well confined.

We steers around many dogs (6 or more) on this walk and Yoshi did very well.  Mostly we would sit and watch them walk by on the other side of the street.  We often would cross the street to get into a better position.  Light leash tension helps keep his attention to me but he is allowed to look every so often.  None of the dogs were moving quickly and that seems to be a factor.

Mon Sep 9
Basic short walk for Trek.  Went down Santa Clara with brilliant heeling that I mostly didn't ask for.  Sigh.

Evening walk for Yoshi.  Did a nice stop and wait while a smaller dog moved out of the way.  We crossed the street for another dog and let them pass without incident.  His boundaries are very specific these days though they more seem to be about motion.  Fast motion.

Sun Sep 8
Met Francine, Corgi Dip (Dep?) who is in Uility and Pebbles who is 12 and retired.

Trek got her Beginner Novice title today with judge Ken Miller.  She nearly NQ'd herself by rotating on her butt to watch me walk around the ring on the long sit, but her butt didn't leave the ground so she just lost points.

I can't decide whether to leave her in Beginner Novice or go back to Rally and finish her RAE.  I do want to get her into Pre-Open.

Yoshi and I went looking for sports to watch and we didn't find any at Krusi or Otis and Washington Park looked pretty limited but there was a huge soccerfest going on at the Base so we watched that for a while.  It's funny when there is a lot of activity he more focuses on what's going on around us immediately.  He did fine mostly because there weren't any other dogs around.  Later one he mistook a black and white ball being kicked for a dog which was amusing.

Sat Sep 7
Trek in Beginner Novice with Lora Cox at the Redwood Trial in Petaluma.  This was also a conformation dog show so parking was tighter but a guard told me me that I could street park on Panyan and go through the back gate (gate 2) which was a huge win.  For just obedience or agility trials we just park on the grounds.  Trek was mostly being a sign sniffing goof, but she did pass.  There wasn't a lot of activity in the next ring fortunately.

Basic walk for Yoshi.

Fri Sep 6
Wandered around the school again and saw a lot of dogs, then we headed over to Santa Clara and back down Gibbons.  He did well.

Thu Sep 5
Walked Trek through the school which was noisy and she wasn't happy about it.

Wed Sep 4
Trek nice pleasant noon walk

Evening walk with Yoshi.  We seem to have come to some level of trust.  All the arguing could have been set a side a long time ago.  He just needs to know that the dog he sees is not a threat.  We seem to have two ways.  Sitting and turning and looking to me works well and we've practiced it alot. Covering his eyes can work. Picking him up and carrying him through groups of dogs works really well.  I'm experimenting with picking him up when a dog is passing closer by than across the street.  At the school there was a Boxer crossing our path on a cross street.  I picked Y up and held him facing away from the dog.  He whined some but I told him in a soft low confident voice "You're ok" and he seemed to settle.  Later one we practiced the sit and look at me while a dog across the street passed.

Then we spent time chatting with Gail and Joyce and there was only one passing dog and I turned him away and covered his eyes.  He fussed some about that but was ok.

We seem to be coming to a peace which I like a lot.

Tue Sep 3
Longish Lincoln Park walk for Yoshi.  The only dogs we saw were walking away or in the distance so no drama and we had a nice time watching families play soccer and volleyball, and we did a little obedience work on the back grass.

Mon Sep 2
Usual walk for Yoshi
For Trek we cut through the school again and it was less traumatic as there wasn't nearly so much bouncing balls and other noises.  Did some nice heeling along the playground lines.

Sun Sep 1
Trek had a nice walk and then later both dogs got to meet with Sophia with Terri this time.  Yoshi was again reacting every time Sophia stood up but by the end of the time wasn't reacting at all.  And Trek got a whole bunch of belly rubs.

Sophia has Nov 7 - Nov 12 available also, so I'm going to cancel both of Yoshi's Park Centre boarding reservations.  He will be so much happier at home.  Some time before November I can go over with Sophia how I walk them in case she wants to though she doesn't have to for the short Sept trip.

Sat Aug 31
I came across the lengthy form I filled out for Dr. Karen Overall about Yoshi and didn't send in.  I don't want to further medically mess with his head further, and he really is manageable.  I was noticing just how much at peace he is at herding.  He's not that dog reactive, sniffed noses with Bode, Jet and another dog he's familiar with.  He did bark at one dog who miraculously didn't return the bark at all.

Met with Sophia who I'm hoping will be able to watch the dogs Sept 27-29.  It went well.  She brought her husband Shawn and I had him feed Yoshi lots of cheese since Yoshi is touchy about men in his house.  I explained that it was the transitions that he would react to.  So when Shawn stood up and Yoshi lept up I told him to stop and let him sniff him.  We repeated this once more.  I think they'll have to do it more hopefully with cheese in hand.  They both really like Sophia.

Walked both dogs separately before meeting with Sophia.  No major incidents.

Fri Aug 30
Went herding.  I love how relaxed Yoshi is in that environment.  I let him greet dogs through the fence and it usually works (especially with ones he knows) though he yelled at one dog he didn't know and that dog remarkably didn't react at all.  Yoshi did abrade his paw.  I keep debating whether to take him off sheep but I like the work that he's doing even though he's way too close.  I want him to do only the school sheep next time but he might have to wear booties.

Next time I'd like to have the sheep anchors on hay and have the fence obstacles further out in a semi circle and push him out around those for a bit then move them and walk up and down the arena some.

Trek ducks I set up a Y chute and Linda had us working on teaching Trek to double back to keep the ducks from curling around the obstacle right after they come out of it.  Linda uses Back and I've always used Out but this isn't a lateral movement so maybe I should use Back though I worry about it being confusing as I use it in Rally but that's very context specific and there is a lot of body language so I don't thing she'll turn around then.

Thu Aug 29
Yoshi evening park walk.
Went over to Lincoln Park and walked the perimeter.  We just so happened to have stepped on to the infield where a dog on the other side of the fence appeared (behind a screen - it was ok but we walked on. Maneuvered around a couple of other dogs and walked back on the path stopping to watch people playing volleyball and letting him sniff a bunch.  Then back at the stands we sat on a bench for a while.  He did great when other dogs would walk by (I would feed him cheese when he asked), but it's amazing as he can be rolling on the ground and then immediately stand up listening intently and then I figure out that there is a jangling of dog tags and a dog approaching.  He never entirely relaxes and he never stops watching if there is any motion at all.  I do wonder if we practiced with dogs approaching.  Like if I have him facing me.  I've tried this before and he usually swivels and barks unless I'm feeding him.

I should talk him to an obedience trial and walk him around there more.  He does well in such environments.

After that nice walk he's barking at the window at another distance barking dog.

Wed Aug 28
Trek morning walk - I wanted to walk down High St but school has started up again and I know the crossing guard.  Not having time for a 15 minute conversation that we're due to have we took a different direction.  Her heeling was fabulous - I think she's hungry.

Evening Yoshi walk.  Again we went down around the school.  Steered around two sets of dogs and carried him past a cute bulldog that he barked at but not terribly seriously.  Let another couple of dogs cross in front of us and finished up without incident.

Tue Aug 27
Basic noon walk for Trek

Took Yoshi to the school as there is room to maneuver and  there are often dogs.  We watched 3 small dogs playing fetch off leash on the playground.  No drama as they didn't look at us at all.  some other unevenful street crossings.  I think he likes this area as it has better sight lines.

May have found a sitter.  She's going to come meet the dogs one these evenings.

Sun Aug 25
Yoshi afternoon walk.  Walked around the school. On the way back on Cambridge (I think)  a dog across the street came out of his house on a leash with his family and started barking at us. Yoshi ignored them and kept walking.  He has a good eye for when a dog is restrained and not a threat.

Thu Aug 22 - Sat Aug 24
We went to Yosemite on Friday
Trek was at Mark and Jan's, Yoshi was at Park Centre.  When I dropped him off there was a stressed barking dog who was still there when we picked him up two days later.  This has made me resolve to find a house/dog sitter.

Tue Aug 20
Yoshi evening dog walk.  Hid behind a tree to let a small dog pass across the street.  when the dog had passed we moved on but Yoshi looked over his shoulder and after a bit barked.  I looked over to see the little dog was making off doggy gesticulations to us.  we moved on and the rest of the walk was fine.

Mon Aug 19
Basic walks for both dogs. 
Yoshi barked and growled at a stone rabbit.  Earlier he did some Rally work but he really needs attention work
Trek did some very nice heeling work at the school even with a skateboard in the background.

Sun Aug 18
I ignored the dogs and went to SF to try to watch some of the America's Cup heats between Italy and New Zealand.  Should have stayed home and played with the dogs as the boats just keep breaking.

Sat Aug 17
Trek AHBA herding in Auburn.

Well these ducks didn't want to readily move and we didn't get very far at all.  It's weird as these ducks have always moved fine for me before but this is a different field than they're used to.  The other more experienced dogs were able to move them but they have more power and better driving skills.  Trek would overflank and send them back to the stock handler.  I was also not moving out like I should of since I was concerned about Trek being too rough on a duck, but my not moving was a contributing factor.

But that said it was a fun trial and I met some nice new folks like Karen and Aussie or BCX or English Shepherd Kodai whom I have met once before at a Lynn Leach seminar.

Fri Aug 16
Trek morning walk.  Went down High St and she did great on it but wanted to bolt when we hit Santa Clara as a delivery truck was unloading.  She then wanted to drag me home so I just walked with the leash shortened and she relented after a block.

Yoshi on sheep and goats.
We did the cloverleaf exercise where I placed a couple of handfuls of hay down and let the stock go to it and eat, then I had Yoshi running around the circumference and when he would get too close i would push him back out.  It worked much better than I thought it might.

Here is the video:

Then we just did some regular herding and he was, of course, too close but not as close or as crazy as he often gets.
Then we practiced putting them in the barn and he did well on that.

Trek ducks went very well. and is able to drive them through a panel without issue.

Thu Aug 15
Good walk for Yoshi

Wed Aug 14
Good walks for both dogs.

Tue Aug 13
Yoshi dusk walk.  The light was just starting to fade though we could see ok but he seemed more watchful.  Saw a medium size white dog crossing ahead of us.  He barked and I stepped back a little and conversationally said "Leave It" and he refocused on me (we were just under a house length away.)  We then followed them but he was up and excited so I just had us stop and let the other dog get further away and they eventually crossed the street.  He then settled down a little, but only a little.  Scanning around.  Over on Gibbons a Minature Snauzer appeared from the cross street.  I couldn't tell if the dog was on-leash so I bent down and picked Yoshi up explaining to the other person that he doesn't always like other dogs.  Yoshi didn't make much noise because I started to pick him up right away.  Though he was a little growly, but ok since he was in the air.

Mon Aug 12
Trek morning walk.  Went down Lincoln and then a block of the busy High St before coming back.  She did ok and didn't try to run away from High St when we got to the turn off but instead was willing to stop and eat for a bit before moving on.

Sun Aug 11
Yoshi Agility Trial watching
Yoshi did fairly well watching some of the Countywide agility trial in Petaluma He only barked at dogs that didn't look (to him) like herding dogs, and I can carry him anywhere which is really nice.  He barked at Boceron Tess (who is actually a herding dog bug he doesn't seem to think so), one of Laurie's Dalmations.  a Golden, and we avoided a Pap who was trying to charge up to him.

Nike a Pem walked with in 20 feet of him (the dogs he reacted to were twice that distance away), no reaction to Border Collies or Aussies.  Saw Shelties, no reaction.
I also could carry him anywhere around the ring and he don't make a sound though seemed to enjoy watching everything.  It helped that I was moving and the other dogs weren't.  We watched from a distance in the shade and then were able to walk around some near the crated dogs without incident.

We met Valerie and Pem Abby.  I didn't let Yoshi meet Abby though he probably would have been ok but Abby was chewing on a rawhide and resources mess everything up so Valerie crated Abby and she said hello to Yoshi.  Yoshi also went into the Planet Blue Dog booth.  They still carry that down bed that both dogs love.  I would have gotten another one but I don't know where to put it.  It's $29.  Beverley also said hello to him.

Lori A's rings are still fenced and while it's tempting to start him in agility again I don't think he would like it.  Plus I would still have to post guards at the gates which are in a Z shape, but open.  Working out training time would be harder as he could only do private lessons.  I could burn through some money just entering him in Novice and walking on, doing a few obstacles and then leaving.  Maybe it's just I want him to do it again just to have more than 10 seconds in the agility ring in his life.

I used to worry about his AKC career, but he now has his RN and his AKC herding has stalled.
I should just routinely start bringing him and see if he adjusts to the environment like he has at herding.

Trek walk to Lincoln Park
Half an hour before we left I gave her 0.75 mg of Melatonin.  Hopefully someone will be playing basketball there and I get get a measure of whether it helps her.

[Later.] It helped some.  We were able to work in the area we usually work in just fine.  But taking her close stresses her and her heeling gets way erratic as she tried to put me in between her and the ball bounding.  I'll have to try it something with double the does (two dropper fulls - 1.5 mg).  I should also try taking her to class after taking some.

Sat Aug 10
Trek Mission Trail Obedience Match at Hayward.  I was fortunately well enough to go.
She was entered in Beginner Novice and Open.
I had her wearing her Thundershirt for the morning and it seemed to help a little in her Beginner Novice run, but I would say heel and she would forge off away from me and I stopped her and had her restart.  Once she got going she did mostly ok save for her attention wandering at the corners.  Sit for exam was fine and the sit and walk around was great too and her recall was perfect.  Claire Canderie was our very understanding judge as she has one who also falls apart in the ring.

We did a lot of Sits and Downs.  The down is great I can be mostly out of sight now and she seems to understand.  The sit she, of course, keeps sinking into a down after a minute.  I would reset her and it would buy me another minute.

In Open she was very worried when they were resetting the jump.  Her heeling was terrible and got her leashed within a few steps.  Figure 8 was ok.  Recall she went blowing by me, but came back when I called her.  She did well on the fetch save for skipping the jump on the return, but we repeated it ok with me closer.  Broad jump was surprisingly ok given that we never practice it.  Carson Haines was our patient judge.

She's ok for Beginner Novice but that's about it (along with Rally).  I guess I should finish her RAE and BN title and then see where she's at.
Currently she has 4 RAE Qs and 1 BN Q (from Lora Cox)
Redwood Empire is Sept 7-8  in Petaluma at the Fairgrounds, Lora Cox is the Beginner Novice and Rally judge on Sat.
This closes soon so I need to enter it.  It is outdoors so I could just wait, but I want the ring time.

Fremont / San Lorenzo is on Sept 28-29 at Hayward
But!  I can't go as that's my anniversary and I will be elsewhere.
Sat Beginner Novice is Dee Dee Anderson and Sun is Ken Blanchard
Sat Rally is Barbara Arine and Sun is Dee Dee Anderson

I was checking to see if Trek could stay in Beginner Novice after she gets the title. She can, and is free to enter any of the "Optional Titling Classes"
'Optional Titling classes have no restrictions on them, any dog can enter in any order; these classes are not prerequisites to get to "the next level class (i.e. Novice to Open)."'
This is good as it's better ring prep than rally.

I need to find a site that lists obedience matches.

Afternoon walk for Yoshi
We went to Lincoln Park.  There was a lot of activity but there wasn't a ball game going on so we got to go out on the field and practice heeling and attention.  The longest I could get him to look at me was aroun15 seconds and that was with effort.  Average was more like 9 seconds.  I'll have to compare that at home.  While we saw dogs at a distance the only ones he barked at were the two GSDs crossing the street while we were standing on Court talking to Kim, David and their son William.

Fri Aug 9
I was ill so no walks for the dogs.

Thu Aug 8
Basic walks.

Wed Aug 7
Walk for Yoshi, Fetch for Trek,

Mon Aug 5
Yoshi came back today.  It was a bummer not to have him around last night as all of our cars were broken into and he would have noticed unlike Trek who was just thrilled to be back home with us.  (The thieves were very quiet.)

Thu Aug 1 - Sun Aug 4
Camping at Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite.
Yoshi is at Park Center and Trek is with Mark and Jan.

Wed Jul 31
Yoshi morning walk.  Squirrels everywhere - one in the middle of the road.  We stopped and encouraged said squirrel to get across the street.
On Central a neighbor came out of her house with her medium white fluffy dog.  They were 3 houses away and we paused to see which way they were going to go.  When they decided to walk away from us down Central we followed.  While we were out of any reactive threshhold for Yoshi I found it interesting that Yoshi was excited, panting and pulling on the leash (not hard though) and intently looking for where the other dog had peed.  He would come back to he when I called him and he would sort of heel some, but on his own he would have chased after the dog even though the other dog is going away and obviously not a threat.

He stayed up and excited for most of the walk. He was different before he saw the dog and if we had taken the other dog out of his sight he would have settled faster.  Dogs are just exciting to dogs I think.

Tue Jul 30
Noon time walk for Trek.  She got to meet neighbor kid Bridget who Trek really seems to like.
We walked past a recycle truck - it one with bottles and cans rattling.  Trek could focus on heeling till about 4 houses away, then she ducked around behind me.  Putting me in between her and the noise.  This is likely why her off leash heeling gets weird in the ring when I can't talk to her.

Mon Jul 29
Basic drama-free walks for both dogs.

They're each going to be boarded Wed-Sun (Mon for Yoshi)  Yoshi will be at Park Centre and Trek will be at Mark and Jans. I hate doing this to them I really need to find a good house sitter.  It's pretty funny that Yoshi who goes to jail just rolls with it and Trek who is so well treated (Corgi's to play with, people to pet her) acts like a big victim when I return.

Post to Performance Corgis
If it's a new environment with a novice dog then don't worry about lack 
of attention for a while, but have really good treats and a happy 
attitude.  You can use the time to figure out how much she wants/needs 
you to talk to her.  Try all the various ways (talk to her (a) a lot (b) 
some (c) just for cues (d) almost not at all) and keep track of what works.

My dogs like me talking to them too much which presents an issue in 
obedience.  :)
It keeps them focused which is a bit of a crutch as by the time you're 
in Open Obedience focus should be a skill that they have.

Be aware if you get class nerves or not.  If you do, you now have two 
ways to tell your dog you're nervous: the leash and your voice.  Both 
the leash and your voice can be great tools if you can communicate 
confidence and calmness.

Sun Jul 28
Oakland DTC Members match.  It's for these matches that I joined the club and I need to go regularly now.
This is the stage that Trek is at and I am guilty for trying to skip it.  I am tired of setting trial fee money on fire for little point.  She's ok in the Rally ring environment but is not yet comfortable in the obedience ring.
Trek was guaranteed to hate it but I was determined to see if we could get something out of it.
Her anxiety goes in cycles  Hesitant at first but then was able to heel around on the grass but keep wanting to leave at every rattle of an article or a jump
When someone wanted to use a whistle I let her go back in the direction of the car but we walked by it and I took her back.
This time I put on the dogs' Thundershirt.  This seemed to help and she kept it on the rest of the time.  Waiting out her fear (just feeding her and not making a big deal out of anything) and the thundershirt seem to be a good combination.
Patricia M and doggy Gimli helped us work in the Open ring.  Trek was able to focus and heel off leash though with every rattle she would put me in between herself and the noise.  Then we went over the jump a few times like in Rally which she completely understands.
Then I had her do a short retrieve on the flat and then a longer one (with encouragement on the go out).
I don't remember if I had her retrieve over the jump - I think we did and she did ok.

I think was able to work with Gimli a little.  He has this hilarious bounce forward when starting heeling, but then he refocuses.  He also worries about other dogs, but when he was working he didn't pay any attention to Hazel's Saint Bernard in the next ring.

Sits and Downs.  Trek laid down a couple of times on the 3 minute sit.  It completely makes sense.  I just picked her back into a sit without making any production of it.
She was great on the Down.  In fact, I was able to go hide behind a bush for short periods of time.  I really wish I had a camera as she was right beside one of the Saints and the size contrast on the sit was dramatic.

Happy 10th birthday to Yoshi!  He got some rotisserie chicken and is working on a toilet roll and I'm going to go see if I can find him another stuffed duck.

Sat Jul 27
Picked up the dogs' Heartguard and a couple of toothpastes at Park Centre Aminal Hospital.  $42.01.

Yoshi's boarding dates are confirmed.

Yoshi bike-run Washington Park.  While there weren't a lot of people out there were a lot of people walking dogs at 9:30am ao we steered around a lot of dogs and I got a lot of exercise climbing all the small hills on the bike.  One small dog was off leash so I just picked Yoshi up and let him bark at the dog as they went by.  He's tired and collapsed now.

Trek walk to the park.  This time we went down Lincoln and down the busier High St which wasn't that busy this time but she was still a little touchy about the noise.  Wouldn't walk in a straight line - wanted to leave the corner.  Stood there for a bit and she settled down.

Then we went into the park and the same behavior.  Walking in a zig zag pattern.  Sniffing a lot.  I just sat down and fed her and let her settle down.  There was a half-hearted basketball game going on and we moved a little closer onto the grassy area we usually practice in.

Thu Jul 25
Trek morning walk.  We walked down Lincoln to High St and then a block down the busy street.  High St and Broadway might be good for more exposure for her as it's not as busy as Park St.  She did ok.  Was mostly about sniffing.  I think also I'm going to have to work more with her in the parks on grass with good treats to see if she can concentrate on grass.  Sniffing for her is mostly a stress reaction, but I need to see if it's like Yoshi where he just needs to fill his nose then he pays better attention.

Yoshi noon walk.  No dogs save for one in the distance I chose not to chase down - getting less and less inclined to do that.  We seem to have reached a peace over other dogs and the gentle leash tension method seems to work fine.

Walking past all the curb reconstruction on Central.  He found a cookie a worker had left on the ground, but spit it out when I noticed.  Happily he did not go for the pile of chocolate cake that was right beside it.

Wed Jul 24

Scheduled Trek for a Mission Trail Poodle Club Match on Sat Aug 10 at Hayward 9am start time

I will use the results of this to decide whether to enter her in the Redwood Empire trial.

Scheduled Trek for a ODTC Match on this Sunday at Hayward 8am start time.

Might enter Trek into a Match in Sept.

Noon Trek walk.  Steered around a fair amount of construction debris, but not much active pounding.
Worked a bit on Go/GoOn.  She'll only go so far and then stop and needs encouragement to go further and she's not sure what I want thinking that I'm asking for a left or a right turn.

Tue Jul 23
Noon dumbbell work with Trek in the yard.  She's thrilled to do it, but lacking a little on concepts like I want her right in front of me.  Worked a little in retrieve over a jump. In agility we never go back over the jump so she's learning that yes, indeed that's what I want.

There are so many pieces to a dumbbell retrieve, it's easy to put too much together all at once, but it also takes a bit of bravery to just see if they all fit together and it's cool to see that happen.  What I love about it is that you can stop and just work on each piece.  For a while I just had her side beside me while I threw the dumbbell so she learns that I want her to stay until sent.  Then after a significant pause I told her to "Get it" which actually confused her a little as she wasn't paying that much attention to it then.  But then we did it fine after that.

Then Yoshi wanted to do something with it so we did a little.  His training isn't as thorough and I don't remember what stage he's at but he seems to be further along than I remember.  He'll pick it up and bring it part of the way.  Backing up I held it to see if he would take it and he would.  His instinct is to run off and bury something though he's never been allowed to do it with a dumbbell, so he wasn't trying to do that.  I should work with him more on it even if he is never going to be inside the ring.  I should film it and see if I can publish it.  I have an excellent way to teach dumbbells and I'd love to share it with people

Yoshi evening walk
First went to the school and did some nice on-leash obedience heeling and then a little work on flank, away, and out.  He did nicely.
Then we were beside the school and a kid running a friendly pit bull appeared right behind us.  Yoshi and I saw them at the same time and I was able to say "Wait, don't do that" as I grabbed Yoshi and we stepped sideways.  Yoshi was cursing, but I had a hand on him.  The kid said "sorry" and "have a nice day" and went on. (I didn't bother to say anything else since Yoshi was saying it already.)  I'm hoping he learned that running up on other dogs is not always the best thing to do.

We then went back to the school to do a little more heeling and work through that.
Then on the way back I had him sit and watch me while the 2 GSDs passed on the other side of the street.  Completely peaceful.  Phew.  He did look 3 times, but I pulled him back and he didn't fight that and gratefully ate more cheese.

Evening Trek walk.  Pretty straightforward.  Worked more on Front as she's getting sloppy about it and seemed to improve.

This is my method for teaching the dumbbell.

This is how I teach the dog to retrieve and them the dumbbell. This is from a mailing list post. And since I can say this here. This is way, way better than any silly method having to do with pain and force.

[Context is an issue a different dog spitting the dumbbell on arrival.]

I was able to work around this by doing play retrieves and insisting
that the toy or ball be placed in my hand. Then I would reward.
From there I was able to extend things out by standing up, then asking for a sit before taking the toy.

Somewhere in there I started working separately with her learning how to hold the dumbbell. Trek is a bit more pliable and would allow me to place it in her mouth after some sessions of just rewarding her for attention, then nose touch, then lick, then open mouth.

One possible clicker sequence (I use a clicker to start things off and
get doggy motivated, then stop using it once doggy has the idea).

Dumbbell on the ground
Click for looking
Click for getting closer
Click for nose touch
Click for longer nose touch
Click for any mouth contact

Usually around now I pick up the dumbbell and start the sequence over maybe with some cheese on the bit - you do need 3 hands here or start saying "Yes."

Click for mouth contact
Click for open mouth
Click for trying to take it

Then things get challenging

Click for putting mouth around the DB bit
Click for closing mouth around DB bit

Skipping a step

Get doggy to close mouth around it and pet their nose, it's ok to help them close their mouth around it. Click/Yes.

Now the really hard part. Add time (just a little).

Then see if you can get them to take it and hold it (this is not required for the exercise but useful because you can work on them holding it while you touch it without taking it).
Then see if you can get them to take a step with it
Then a step and a sit
Then a step and a sit and a hold.

Then a Mojito for you.

There are many, many pieces to the exercise, but what's cool is that you can work on each piece separately and it's easier to spot the problems.
I start with a toy retrieve.  The Kong Airdog toys work great for that.  Especially the tennis ball dumbbell.

Mon Jul 22
Both evening dog walks - pretty usual.

Fri Jul 19 - Sun Jul 21
I left for Seattle - Terri has the dogs through Sunday.
What she does with them is run them around the short block.  It's not very long, but they run.  This seems to work fine.

Thu Jul 18
Yoshi evening walk.  Dog in the distance, but no drama really.

Trek evening walk.  Tried to polish her heeling - she's a little wide.  Moving stand working well.  She still doesn't know hand signals with me in front of her but does when I'm beside her.  I might need to move closer.

I'm off to Seattle for the weekend so Terri gets the dogs.

Wed Jul 17
Yoshi evening walk.  Fine except for the medium Spitz dog across Central that I didn't see because of the sun in my eyes.  He saw the dog and barked and I pulled him back into a sit looking at me and then he did great.

Trek walk.  Also fine.  Walked back with my neighbor and we talked about fireworks.  He said they mostly did the small ones with only two big ones.  I said that Trek (the one I was walking) was find about them but that my other dog really gets upset.  I described what a Thundershirt was and the concept that it's similar to swaddling an infant.

Tue Jul 16
Trek noon walk.  She bravely walked past a working recycling truck  it was running, but wasn't clanking very much.

Yoshi evening walk.  Went over to the park and just wandered around the front grass doing a little heeling.  He would get distracted and I would gently pull him back to attention.  I'm trying to teach him that he can "watch" while heeling and not just sitting.  He's not that great at it but he's learning.  Walked to the back and we sat in the empty stands (no game going on).  He liked to be able to survey everything.  Walking back we had to steer around an off leash little dog by the basketball court that was only paying attention to her people fortunately.  In doing so nearly walked too close to a different small dog but steered away in time.  I don't think he saw either dog which is fine.  It was a nice relaxing walk for him.

Herding permiums are out for the Aug AKC Vacaville trials.  I'm out of town for one of them, but thought about the other just to put him in PT, but we won't have enough time to train and I don't think it would benefit him yet.  The idea is to put him in PT and if Sat goes well move him up to trial level.  That may never happen.  No chance on their ducks since their ducks don't herd well at all.

Mon Jul 15
Yoshi walk.  The two GSDs were approaching just like a few days ago.  This time I felt up to the challenge.  We crossed the street and he sat with his back to them looking at me.  He climbed up on my leg and I let him and fed him and talked to him and reminded him to watch if he looked over.  He did fantastic.  I am a little shocked.  Rest of the walk was uneventful.

Trek walk.  We walked down to High Street and back Santa Clara.  She did fine on High street, but had had enough by the time we hit Santa Clara and wanted to walk away really fast, but she wasn't panicked.  I had her stop and eat cheese which she was happy to do.  There is also a nice wide business driveway there that you can do some great obedience heeling patterns in so we did that for a short while.

Sun Jul 14
Took Yoshi to the old Alameda Naval Base for a nice walk.  There are a number of large grassy areas and the sightlines are terrific.

Trek went to Lincoln Park to work on ball bouncing  Went through half the treats I brought with me as a group of youths with a ball walked by and we could only retreat so far.
The worked on some basic heeling emphasizing her looking at me, then we went over to a bench about 150' away from the basketball court.  We sat on the bench and she at treats but she was definitely not happy.  I'll have to try this after I've given her some melatonin.

Sat Jul 13
Terri and I went on a hike.  Dogs got to spend time with Jan throwing a ball for them.

Fri Jul 12
Both dogs herding.
Trek on ducks.  A bit pushy but some good work when she settled down.  Practiced driving the ducks through a set of panels.

Yoshi mixed sheep and goats.  I'm trying to decide which he likes better. sheep/goats or ducks.  I used to think that he didn't change his behavior much for ducks but a friend that I showed both videos to points out that he does.  He doesn't bark at the ducks like he does with the goats/sheep but I move a lot more with the ducks.  He barks less when we're moving.  He's still way too close so now that he can move them around kind of quietly we need to work on distance.

Same friend points out that she had more success with having the dog start far away rather than have them close and pushing out.

Wed Jul 10
Yoshi evening walk
Saw an American Eskimo who started to turn down our sidewalk about a house length away.  I dragged a trying to bark but throttled by the collar Yoshi around in a U turn.  We started to cross the street but they already had done so, so we just sat and let them go by with him trying to look and me tightening the leash until he looked back.  Then he was happy to climb up my leg and eat treats.

Then two Vishlas were off leash as their owner got out of the car, so we just watched them and that went well.

Trek evening walk  She mostly wanted to sniff so I got impatient and started to cut things short by going down Johnson.  Unlucky her there was a fire ladder truck slowly making its way down the narrow street and I just had to get closer to see what was going on.  Never found out but talked to a neighbor who thinks they're just practicing driving the enormous thing down a tiny street.  The bummer for Trek wasn't so much the truck, but the basketball game that was going on nearly by.  As usually she was kind of ok for a few seconds but them became more and more frightened.  When we went back down the street she was dragging me as hard as she could and was continuing to do so well past when the ball bouncing was a problem.  When we got back to Court I made her stop and I put a hand on her (not petting her just touching her) until she stopped shaking.  then we walked home with her trying to drag me and me pulling her back for most of the way back until she finally stopped doing it a few houses from home.  Definitely an over threshold scenario.

Trek and a metal article.
Guess I should go review my own training diary.  I was thinking was going to have to train Trek to pick up a metal canning ring because she was hesitant about the metal article.  For fun, I reintroduced it from the start by putting peanut butter on it to clicking (saying yes) for putting her mouth on this.  She knew the whole drill. Touching it, putting her teeth against it, opening her mouth around it, putting her mouth around it, putting her mouth around it and biting down. putting her mouth around it and holding it for a instant, putting her mouth around it and holding it while I released it and then said ok, doing that for longer.
Then I put it on the ground and she picked it up and held it until I said ok and took it back.
Clearly she's done this before and is a lot further along than I remember.  Cool.  So I don't need to go find canning rings.

Performance Corgi's post:
I was working with Trek on a metal Utility article (she has been a little concerned about metal in her mouth), and it occurred to me that teaching it is similar to a dumbbell. However to get her used to metal on her teeth, I first put peanut butter on it and let her lick it off a few times so she could get the experience of metal touching her teeth.  Then I was able to run through the whole incremental introduction of it.

sniff (click/yes, treat)
mouth touch
teeth touch
open mouth
open mouth article partially in her mouth
open mouth article further in her mouth
closing mouth around the article
closing mouth and holding it for an instant until I say ok
closing mouth and holding it for long enough for me to pet her nose and then say ok

Then I was able to put it on the ground and since she knows the dumbbell stuff she picked it up and handed it to me which was a bit of a shock (multiple times).  Good dog, guess I won't need to go buy canning rings as a substitute.

I've done a couple of similar sessions with her, but not quite as structured as this one.
Guess I need to now work more on the scent discrimination part.

Tue Jul 9
Short morning walk for Trek made even shorter because she just wanted to sniff the first 1/2 block, but then woke up and smelled the coffee and offered some nice works (I didn't harass her too much about it.)

Yoshi evening walk.  We went through the Fernside.  Nearly ran into a Dachshund but turned in time and as we crossed the street Yoshi kept looking at the dog and I put tension on the leash and released (about three separate times) and we got to the other side of the street without any outbursts.  No dogs the rest of the walk.

Mon Jul 8
Yoshi walk
right out the door we saw the two GSDs approaching.  One we can deal with but two together and in the first block of our walk didn't bode well so we just retreated down the side of the house and let them pass.  Then still on our own street we saw an approaching bully breed who crossed the street and Yoshi was able to do his sit-and-look-at-me routine just fine.

Trek and I went over to the school and did heeling work on the painted lines on the playground.  She did very well including the time I took her off-leash.  The chains on the playground equipment were rattling a little and she usually doesn't like that but there was no balls bouncing which she really, really doesn't like.  She doesn't have to do ob around bouncing balls fortunately, but I really need to have a wooden jump klunking.  I might take her back to Wed class to start to work more seriously on her CD/CDX, but it might be easier on her to have the klunking outside.  I'll have to give her Melatonin right before class because that does help with her sound sensitivity.

Linda is going to be out of town the last half of the month, so I may want to use the time to work on obedience.

Sun Jul 7
Trek walk.  Some nice Rally/Ob work.  She really likes to work this way.  I should try putting her back into Novice and Beginner Novice, but may have to do more Rally to get her more used to the trial environment.  She is entered in an AHBA trial in August which she should enjoy as they are the Auburn ducks.

Yoshi walk.  We went over to the school to work on sit and leave it and look at me.  He is gradually teaching more that a steady pull and release is his cue to look at me (with or with out "leave it") and ignore what's across the street.  Also I need to delay the treat till the dog is gone or much further away.

5 dog sightings confirmed this.
Beagle as we approached the school.  Lab a block down.  Then I saw a mini poodle approaching.  We went to the other side of the street and I had him sit facing me.  When he would look over at the very slow moving dog I would pull on the leash slowly and release.  I praised and talked to him while he was sitting there.  He jumped up asking for a treat but I just moved my leg and asked him to sit again and kept talking to him.  This turned out to be a 30-45 second process as the owner of the other dog had stopped to watch which increases the challenge but the moved on finally.  We saw them later but we were done and skipped walking past them.  We almost ran into a Lab (different one) turning onto Southwood so we did a BAT turn around (mild "oh gawd what is that?" growl) and walked back down the street and crossed and were able to watch them go by using the same technique.  Then lastly there was a Golden across Lincoln as we were trying to get home.

No outbursts at all.  The steady pull appears to be a calming thing too as he wasn't very stressed by any of this.

Facebook post:
In a different thread Lori was talking about how there are many different levels of non-positive dog training methods (others that really don't involve pain). Here's one that Yoshi has been gradually teaching me over the years. If there's a dog on the other side of the street and I want him to sit and watch me instead, a steady (not a jerk) pull on the leash and release has evolved into a cue for him to look at me. It has become a very calming thing for him which I find surprising. He's one of those dogs who craves structure and order and being shown what I want seems to help him.

Sat July 6
Went to watch the ducks at Vacaville.  Lots of the same issues.  The more advanced dogs can sometimes do ok.  Lesser experience dogs with good handlers sometimes do ok.  Dogs with good distance sometimes do ok, but for the most part the ducks won - glad I didn't enter.

Trek ob work in the park.  We went over to the other side which is lovely once you pick up the scary sharp Monkey Puzzle Tree limbs.
She did quite well even though that side is right by the street.  Worked on off-leash heeling.  Her figure 8s are looking especially nice - only a little lagging on the right turning section of it.  Recalls were good.  The only odd thing I noticed was that she doesn't always do a down when I signal it in front of her.  I don't know if she's worried about the environment or just misunderstanding the cue.  Will have to try it in the backyard.

Yoshi walk.  No Park this time just sidewalk.  Drama-free.  Did some good rally work his focus was pretty good.

In a dog obedience debate over using compulsion. The other person's thing is that you *have* to use compulsion so the dog does what's asked every single time. I'm realizing that in in-the-ring obedience, I just want to dog to do what I ask most of the time - who cares if it's not 100%? What-Ever. I do this for fun. This is not life-essential.

Fri July 5
Herding Ducks

Yoshi did better than Trek this time but it's funny he has two paces.  Stop and something that matches 180 bpm on a metronome.  But both dogs stop.  Trek still gets the dive-bomb zoomies.

Thu July 4
Walk with Terri and both dogs.  Went to Lincoln Park.  Yoshi just tunes me out when I try to work with him on obedience stuff.  But no major incidents.

Sealed up the house with the radio on for the 4th.  Fireworks are illegal here, but that doesn't stop some people.  We went and watched a display for an hour and came back and found my neighbors setting them off.  I said that my dogs really didn't like fireworks and they said they were stopping.  Poor Yoshi was totally stress panting.  I didn't leave him in his Thundershirt because he tries to take it off - someone needs to be home when he had it on.  Trek and I went out to say hello to neighbors.  Yoshi did calm down under Terri's chair when she sat down.

I need to get to know someone in one of the expensive Bay Farm houses by the airport as they have excellent sound proofing.

Wed Jul 3
Trek morning walk.  Checked on her Stands both stationary and moving and they work great.
Later in the evening did some backyard herding work with flanking around a cone and a bucket
Then we worked on dumbell retrieves.  Her flat retrieves are going well.  The jump she ran around a time or two until I moved closer and made it clear that's what I wanted then she did great.

Yoshi walk.  Right as I was tying my shoe two small dogs walked by that he charged at in ernest till he hit the end of the leash.  I wasn't very happy about that and we parallel walked with them to the park.  In the park while they walked around we did a fair bit of obedience work in which he was very distractible but sort of coped.  He did better when we went to the back of the park and were able to work out in an open field.  He liked that better, but still kept an eye on his surroundings.  He is so not ready for off-leash work except in the backyard.  So for the next APDT trial he will be at level one again.  Working in the park may be helping with his focus though.

Tue Jul 2
Yoshi walk..  He was fine except for being snotty to two dogs walking across the street.  Went to the park and he did very nicely.

Mon Jul 1
Trek morning walk.  First all sniffs then on Court she was "Let's Work!"  which we did and she enjoyed the cheese.  Her heeling is fabulous when it's not noisy.  I can't quite figure out who is more environmentally sensitive.  They both are for completely different reasons.

Someone i know was asking about Yoshi's parentage and history, and I was thinking about it and I realize that none of the reactive boys have ever been rehomed.  One was returned, but the owner missed him so much she took him back.  The reactive girl has been rehomed once and is very much loved but is having back problems possibly from too much on and off the sofa to yell at passers by.  Yoshi is allowed on the sofa but not always allowed in the livingroom.  Dogs are allowed on the bed and they have a step up but eventually that might be too much though neither dog has been showing any back symptoms at all fortunately.

I need to decide whether to pursue APDY/Cynosport Rally with the dogs.  It's a perfect environment (indoors and few dogs) but there is a lot of waiting around.

Sun Jun 30
Yoshi had an uneventful walk in the cool morning and Trek just lounged about.

Sat Jun 29
Yoshi Bike Run Washington Park.  Steered successfully around one dog then went off the path to adjust something on the bike and then he starts lunging and barking.  The same dog and person are walking right beside us  apparently leaving the path to go to the dog park.  I ask Yoshi  to stop it but I can't say I blame him.  Rode past a couple of other dogs without incident.

It's hot so Trek and I and Cathy with Jesse and Abby go to Point Isabel which was nice and cool being right on the bay and inline with the Golden Gate which gave it a perfect breeze.  Trek and I went down to the water a couple of times.  When there's too much commotion she just hides behind me, but if it's quiet and I walk down to the water with her she'll wade around and this time for the first time she sort of swam for 5 feet (and me without a camera).

Fri Jun 28
Went hiking in the Sierras

Thu Jun 27
Again an uneventful walk for Yoshi.  Saw a dog approaching in the distance so we stopped at a corner to watch them approach, then we left as a reward.

Trek, walked throught the *wood streets of North and Southwood.  We did have to go by a car that had its alarm going off.  She wasn't very happy about that but got through it (we crossed the street).

Wed Jun 26
Drama-free walk with Yoshi.

Trek walk.  We went down Lincoln and the down Broadway for a block and then back.  Broadway doesn't nearly freak her out as much as it use to.

Tue Jun 25
Continuing on the sit and watch bit.  Mixed success.  He wants to bark and growl but for the most part will stay in position but not always.  Wasn't too happy about the grey springer that was walking down the other side of Gibbons yet later he did just fine with a small dog on the other side of the street.

He's also pulling more on the leash which is annoying.  I would pop him slightly and it wasn't getting anywhere so I stopped walking and just kept the leash taught, when he finally got tired of the pressure he would turn back to me and get a negative reinforcement reward as well as a food one too.  Steady pulls always seem to work better than popping.  Calling his name works the best.

Trek walk.  She's really bugging me to do more.  I should take her to the park and do some ob/rally work sometime.

Mon Jun 24
So I've decided that want Yoshi to be able to sit and watch a dog walk by ideally without outbursts.  For some weeks we've worked on just heeling by the dog..  He's now had a lot of practice in the heeling bit so now I want to revisit sitting and watching (and then rewarding).

This worked fine on a big wide street like Central.  Less so across Gibbons but he was still successful (a bit growly).

Trek walk - fine.

Sun Jun 23
Yoshi and I went to Hayward for an obedience trial.He did quite well.  He did react to a couple of dogs approaching (if I got distracted watching a dog in the ring), but as long as I kept the distance between him and other dogs he was fine.  He did better around the Utility/Open ring instead of the Rally ring probably because the dogs over there are way stable.

Trek walk wanted to work and was very engaged.

Sat Jun 22
My birthday and I mostly ignored the dogs.

Thu Jun 20
Trek AM walk - happy to be out

Yoshi evening walk
Walking down Court saw a small black and white dog loose and looking right at us - we turned around and walked down Johnson and I picked up Yoshi and asked some kids about the dog.  They think the loose dog is Ointo who is the Dad of their dog.  I encourage them to go see and they take off.I keep carrying Yoshi down the street and a car iwth two yapping dogs passes us,

We get to Gibbons and steer around 2 more little white fluffy dogs.
 We wandered down Santa Clara  and up Central and then back - very active day but low drama.

Wed Jun 19
I was ill so no walks

Tue Jun 18
Basic Walks

Mon Jun 17
We drove back from Roseburg, OR.

Sun Jun 16
Herding Trial Day 2
So today I was determined to get the ducks to the cone and didn't realize that this judge thought I had already gotten to the cone early on  (argh).  We wound up doing portions of the first part of the course trying to get to that stupid cone before the judge put us out of our misery.  I shouldn't say misery as Trek and I both had a great time

Looking back
What a great time we had even though we didn't qualify either day (and could have at least one of them which is a little maddening.)  The location was great, the people were all really nice, and Trek who is homesick, really enjoyed being in the arena.  This is a dog who doesn't like the noise level at obedience trials but outdoor herding trials are not noisy and there are birds(!)  It's pretty much a doggy dream for her.

Agility and herding are both often great fun even if you don't qualify.  Trek doesn't like the noise of the agility environment, but she really likes the herding one.  This one was also nice and cool which is a big plus.

Trek and I left at 1:30pm and got to Roseburg, OR around 6:30pm.

Sat Jun 15
Cascade Pembroke Welsh Corgi herding trial, at Packleader Farm in Gig Harbor, WA.

Trek's duck run was fine except that we couldn't get the ducks to the cone.  After two tried we gave up and did a very nice job on the rest of the course.  Unfortunately the judge wouldn't qualify us because we didn't reach the cone.

Fri Jun 14
Arriving in Issaquah where Trek and I see my Mom for a couple hours and then head over to my brothers.

Thu Jun 13
Off to Roseburg, OR for the first leg of our journey to Washington for a herding trial.

Wed Jun 12
Terri and I took both dogs on a nice walk.  They're usually much worse behaved together, but this time was ok.

Tue Jun 11
Walk for Yoshi around the school  The dogs that we saw we saw early enough that we could stop and give them plenty of room to pass which seemed to work quite nicely.

Trek fetch in the yard.

Mon Jun 10
Walks for both dogs.  Some dogs but no real drama.

Packing for Washington.  Trek and I will be leaving Thur morning.

Sun Jun 9
Yoshi herding at Auburn.
He had a very nice outrun but then started to go in to I can't hear you mode, so in the interest of world duck peace I called the run.  Terry Jones the judge was very complementary on my decision which was very nice of her.

I think now I could have gotten things to work but in the light of yesterday it seemed the better decision to make, because I want him to be able to continue to show there.

Sat Jun 8
Yoshi herding at Auburn
Well we got through half of the course and were actually qualifying but then he went on the wrong side of the ducks after the Z Chute (which is the furthest we've ever gotten) and the ducks headed back for the gate.  I had multiple opportunities to tell him to Stop but instead I said Come which didn't work so well.  Then I started to run to keep up which made all the ducks run and one in particular started to flail about and Yoshi couldn't resist pinning the duck which ended the run.  Fortunately I was right there and tackled him.

I have video and I can see how I caused the whole thing.  Sigh.  We are getting better.  He does stress in new environments and he does break off to roll or pee but I was able to get him back on task.

Thu Jun 6
Morning standard walk with Trek.  First block she wanted to just sniff.  Then we turned the corner and she wanted to work.  Did some heeling and backing up and tried to improve our Left Pivot as she's not clear on it.  I can get it to happen for  45 degree pivots, but further that that she just walks into the new place.

Then did some basic sidewalk level Flanks and Go out ("GoOn").  It's hard to do on a sidewalk so we just muddle through it.

Yoshi evening walk.  Went over to the park and did some basic obedience work and looked at dogs from a distance.  He did this all well.
On leaving we nearly walked into two dogs and we did a fast left turn and kept into the park.  I had been concerned about this scenario for a while so I was watching out for it and I saw the dogs first.  Yoshi was yelling some and I finally told him to stop it and he relented.

Wed Jun 5
Shorter morning walk with Trek.

Evening walk with Yoshi.  No drama.

Tue Jun 5
Evening walk with Trek.  Went towards Broadway but turned off earlier and looped around on Santa Clara.

I don't remember Yoshi's.

Mon Jun 3
Morning walk with Trek

Evening walk with Yoshi.  I was tired from a gym run so didn't have a lot of patience with him barking, so when he saw a dog I had him sit.  The first one he barked at and I gave him a mild leash pop which brought his attention back (and I rewarded him).  The next dog sighting was fine and while there was a lot of activity the rest of the walk was fine.

Sun Jun 2
Walk with Trek

Sat Jun 1
Took Yoshi for a long walk.  First by the estuary, then over to the marina at work but that was too narrow and there was a dog off leash and he was barking at a dog on leash.  So we went over to the College of Alameda and walked around the baseball field outside the perimeter and the tennis courts.  No dogs and it was a nice walk.  Even found two baseballs.

Fri May 31
I went over to Horsetails Falls off Hwy 50 in the Tahoe area for a hike

Thu May 30
Yoshi evening walk
While small-medium dog across Court he was happy to heel past that dog without issue.  then I got distracted watching a spirited discussion between two drivers in the middle of the street and then a small dog nearly walked on top of us.  We U-turned for a couple of houses then they disappeared somewhere.  We kept going down Gibbons crossing the street for an approaching dog.  Then I see another dog/person doing the exact same thing.  Oh great, the only way out of this is to U-turn or carry him but that dog went a different direction fortunately so Mr. Y was able to walk past the other dog on the other side successfully.

Did more fetch in the yard with Trek with CoCo barking at us the whole time.

Regarding the neighbor dog.  Yoshi will charge out and bark at the fence for a few seconds and then on his own break off.  We think it's because he's more interested in the plums that have fallen on the ground, but the amount of control that this takes is cool to see.

Wed May 29
Yoshi evening walk
Nearly walked into a Golden on Gibbons  U-turned with minimal barking and the owner crossed Central.  Then two small dogs appeared right in front of us and there wasn't really time to U-turn so I just picked him up while he barked.  Not perfect, but ok.  I am getting more confident that we can handle most dog situations which means we could run into trouble sometime.The thing that worked the best is fields with good lateral space.  The only issue with that is dog can appear from most anywhere but there are a lot more places to move as opposed to a side walk.

Trek fetch in the yard.

Tue May 28
Trek noon walk.  She mostly wanted to sniff so it was a shortened walk  hen she suddenly tuned in for a bit and offered up some nice heeling work.

Yoshi park walk.  Went through Lincoln Park.  I'm really starting to like walking in the parks as there is more lateral space to move around.  The only thing is that you can walk into situations or they can walk up on you.

We went closer to watch Bocce Ball and nearly tripped over a small dog tied to the fence.  We turned around.  Glad doggie was tied.  Successfully steered around several dogs barked at one, but a simple Leave It was enough to get him back.  Did a full circuit around the back field and cam back through looking at some small dogs by the backstop without incident.  Near the front of the park stopped to let a couple of dogs exit ahead of us when a Lab caught up to us and surprised both of Yoshi and I but we moved away and let the Lab leave ahead of us too.  It was a nice walk.

Mon May 27
Yoshi and I went to Bay Farm.  First we walked around a grassy field that I found with Google Maps.  It's technically private property and it's not huge so we walked a couple of circuit and left - no one appeared at all.

Then we went over to the part beside the shopping center and we walked around some of the park and then over to the lagoon and then around the shopping center.  We were mostly fine but he barked at an approaching Malamute and some Britanny's.  The Mal's owner said that he knew a couple of Corgis and knew they were pushy.  I said that the one is particularly pushy but if he's not facing him (which he wasn't at the time) them he was fine and Yoshi was able to walk near the dog without issue.

Trek and I went over to the marina by my work and them had a nice time walking along the path there.  The grassy area is being overrun by some weed which is different.  There were a lot of geese out so I didn't let her off leash.

Sun May 26
Big urban adventure day for Trek.  Trek and I went into downtown for me to buy some movie tickets for tonight.  She was a brave doggy.  She went across Park St. we bought the tickets but when we crossed back Park St she wanted to bolt home so I instead carried her across Central and went to Dog Bone Alley and ate treats, got pets, and calmed down.  Then we walked back down Central (not out the back this time) and then went over to Park Centre Vet Hospital to eat more treats and then we went over to See Spot Run and bought some Old Mother Hubbard Soft Bitz and I fed her some of those as we walked home.  She didn't drag me home nearly as strongly which was nice.

Basic walk for Yoshi.

Fri May 24
Herding.  Went well - they seem to be learning.  We took the ropes down, but kept the panels.

Thu May 23
For both dogs I've been trying to work in herding commands on walks which is complete strange but kinda sort of works.  Standing on the sidewalk I'll tell them to Out Flank or Out Away and doggy goes in a slight arc out in front (with Trek I drop the leash, but with Yoshi I hang on to it.)  Then I tell then to stop and either Down or Walk. Slow and I walk backwards too until they catch up to me.  I'm sure the neighbors are amused. (Actually I don't think anyone pays any attention.)  Gives them something else to think about.

Haven't heard any further on Yoshi's entry at Auburn

Both dogs walked in the evening.  Yoshi went around the school, Trek went the more usual way.  No drama, so decent training.  I'm thinking that I should start them on nose work after these herding trials in June.

Wed May 22
Morning Trek walk.  She mostly wanted to sniff so we just went around the block

Noon Yoshi Walk.  He offered some nice Rally work.
We met Liz who was doing some gardening on her front yard on Gibbons.

Tue May 21
Noon short walk for Trek.  We met Sherie down the street.  She tells me they adopted a senior Dachshund who is really attached to her.

Evening walk for Yoshi.  We drove over to Krusi park because it's a large athletic field with great sight lines.  He barked some at one dog who was approaching.  We walked all the way around one and then 1/2 way around again.  Turned around and we watched a Lab play fetch at a comfortable distance.  Yoshi seemed to enjoy watching the dog - the dog wasn't paying any attention to us.

Sun May 19
Took Yoshi for a walk around the Oakland DTC obedience trial at Hayward.  A smallish outdoor obedience trial is just about the most ideal place to walk him especially because he no longer barks at everything.  Mostly very well behaved dogs and owners.  Yoshi did very well.  Much later he growled at one approaching dog way away from the rings (I had taken a chance by not U-turning to see what he would do).

During the trial, we had started over to the Rally ring when an "Advanced" Labrador went charging out of the ring (probably first time off-leash in the ring), so we decided to wait till in between classes to go over there.  That handler has inadvertently presented challenges to me twice before, so I try to pay attention to what she does and hadn't noticed it was her in the ring.

Yoshi got to spend time with Kathy M. who fed him lots of treats in rewards for doing various things.  He enjoyed that even through he was close to other dogs (who were not moving around).

Trek got to go to Point Isabel and walk a circuit and wade in the mud a little.  She seemed to have a nice time.

Sat May 18
I went hiking and ignored the dogs.
My mother in law is now hear visiting and we're being careful with handling Yoshi but he seems fine with her here when she enters the room he barks and comes to her but he then stops.

Fri May 17
Golden Gate PWC Ob/Rally trial.
What a day
Trek and I went to the Corgi Specialty
We were in Novice A and Rally Excellent and Advance.

First time on grass in a while and the nose was a going.
Heeling off leash for Novce A was a disaster and an NQ
The exceptionally good news is that she did her stays.

Stand and Recall were both perfect.
Figure 8 was not too bad some tight leash which was also true for on leash heeling.

Rally were I could talk to her went better.  I did have to badger her in certain places on the course and had to redo some stations.

88/100 in Excellent and 85/100 in Advanced.  This is her 4th RAE Q.

Since she was the only RAE dog she earned this ginormous High Combined ribbon that is bigger than her head and longer that her body

[put photo in.]
[maybe scan in courses and scoresheets]


Drove back to get Yoshi and then back to herding

Both dogs did well on their outruns.   Trek did especially well. They're both ready to trial (ok they're both been in trials but they are more ready now.)  Now we need to start doing then without the barrier aids.)

Wed May 15
Yoshi evening walk.  Nearly walked into a very fluffy collie on Lincoln and Gibbons.  Yoshi was growling and I stopped him and made him sniff and was short with him while he still growled.  "Knock if off."  Rest of the walk was through the Fernside and uneventful.  I like the lighter traffic in most of the Fernside to the traffic down Gibbons is a bit of a hassle.

Trek walk.  Did a fair bit of heeling work, but nearly no Rally work.  I don't want her to start offering Rally stunts in the middle of Novice Ob heeling.  Friday is the Corgi Specialty where she will be going for her 2nd Novice leg and another RAE Rally leg.  As far as I can tell she is more than ready.

Tue May 14
Yoshi walk evening. 
Ok but had a staring Labradoodle across the street that he was unhappy about for a moment.  I had him sit and then I got his attention back.
Rest of the walk was ok.

Trek walk ok.  Went into the backyard and worked on stays.  She's perfect in the backyard.

Mon May 13
Basic walks for both dogs.  Yoshi and I got a little pinned in by taking evasive action and then another would appear. Went from Central to Santa Clara and another dog on our side.  We crossed the street and another dog started approaching.    I hate sidewalks sometimes as it make manovering difficult  We reach a cross street before the approaching dog and turned toward Johnson.
Trek's walk was mostly "I want to sniff" for the first block (I let her) and then she offered some nice heeling.

Sun May 12
Drove back from Lakewildwood.  Terri took us to Western Gateway Park in Penn Hill.  It was perfect and a great antidote to feeling penned in at Lake Wildwood.

Sat May 11
We went over the Lake Wildwood where my Mother in Law lives.  Lake Wildwood is a housing development in the mountains with a golf course and it dog hostile.  Dog's can't go in the parks at all.  There is one trail that I have found.  It's a frustrating place for me.

Fri May 10
Feeling better so the dogs went herding.  They did more outrun work around barriers and a rope between the barrier.  They're both improving.  Trek is really getting it.
I have video but not posted.

Thu May 9
Limited walks - no drama fortunately.

Wed May 8
Doofus here sliced up her hand with the wrong size knife when removing an avocado pit and had to go to ER.  4 stiches. No walks.

Tue May 7
Yoshi evening walk.  No drama
Trek ob work in the yard and fetc.  Her stays are perfect.

Mon May 6
Yoshi - Saw two dogs separately both times looked at then them looked to be all by himself. Good boy.  One was a Boston Terrier that he has barked at before.  The other was more lab like.
Trek average walk - she mostly wanted to sniff everything.  Did a little Rally work.

Sun May 5
Nice walks for both dogs

Sat May 4
Day off for dogs while I worked on the house

Fri May 3
Brief walk around the block for Trek in the morning because she asked for one.  Herding today so a walk was optional.

I asked to work on the dogs' outruns since they don't have wide and deep enough ones.

Linda set up a set of loosely joined together barriers in a C shapt (I'm going to keep the details on this vague) that the ducks could go through but the dog was not supposed to.  Ducks start out in the middle of the C, doggy is at the base or the top of the C on the outside.  I start just on the inside of the C.  I release dogster and say Flank/Away and push Out when they look inward.  When they reach the top of the C, I tell them to Stop for a moment and then Walk up like in a Fetch.

Then if that worked ok I'd have the dog take the duck out of the C to just do some ordinary herding as a reward (I did give them cheese from time to time also.)

They both did great.  Yoshi took a bit longer to be ok with it, but they both made progress.

I think they'll need to do this again a few times but with less barrier stuff as they progress.

I did make video, but I don't think I'm going to post it.

Thu May 2
Longer walk for Yoshi went across Central and around over on that side for a while.  Heeled past a dog staring at him neutrally across the street at the condos.
He seemed happy to be out and about.

Average walk for Trek.

Wed May 1
Evening walks for both dogs.
Yoshi saw Corgi Shelby right off across the street he looks at her for a moment then on his own (no prompting from me) turned back for a treat.  Good boy.  He's always best with Corgis probably because he grew up around them.  Did some obedience and herding flank sends (on leash).  I nee to figure out on friday how to add more distance on the flank.  I think I'm going to put the ducks in an expen and set up some panels for him to go around.

Trek training in the park.  Went over to Lincoln and did a whole novice routine.  Everything looks good even the figure 8's which is has been a weak spot.  Did the full length stays with no issue at all.  Cool.  I need to repeat this a few times before the Corgi Specialty.

Tue Apr 30
Trek morning walk - she got the morning this time.  Seems like she's been wanting it.
I need to start working more on her stays in the park with the upcoming obedience trial in May at the Corgi specialty.

Yoshi evening walk.  We went through the Fernside which was nice.  calm streets though I don't know where each dog is so I have to keep a more careful eye out but it was completely uneventful fortunately.

Dogs are going back to herding this Friday.  Yoshi is an alternate at Auburn and Trek is entered in the Cascade PWC herding trial both in June.

Mon Apr 29
Yoshi walk was fine until a dog was approaching on Gibbons.  We turned down Santa Clara and waited for them to pass but sure enough they turned down the same street coming right at us so we hoofed it briskly away with Yoshi wondering why he was being followed.  No outbursts fortunately.

Uneventful walk for Trek.

Sun Apr 28
Yoshi went on a bike ride in Washington Park.  The park was busy and crowded but we managed to find plenty of maneuvering space (it's a big park).  The trouble is that there is often a small dog hiding in a group of people.  Fortunately the one we saw was quickly gathered up before it saw us.  I worry about small dogs charing up to us.  I usually have time to pick Yoshi up but I'm concerned about being surprised.  I guess I could just tackle him like I've done in the past.

Trek and I went on a walk over in Oyster Bay Regional Park which is basically a filled in landfill by the airport but it's becoming more pretty over time.
It's off leash which is nice.  It's exceedingly hard to find so it has a real locals only feel to it.

Wed Apr 24
Yoshi is no longer limping
He's also wired.  Barking at approaching people.  Barked at approaching neighbors (both Frank and David one house past Frank).  I held him back but they wanted to say hi to him so I carefully let him approach and briefly sniff.  He was fine with Renee who I had been talking to as she's moving back to New Mexico for a while as she has family there but says she will split her time between there and her.

I wound up taking Yoshi over to Lincoln Park just so we have more space around us and he seemed to like that but kept a careful eye on everything.  Saw some dogs but no drama.

For Trek we just did some herding training in the yard.  I set up an obstacle and we practiced Flank and Away around them.  She doesn't always carry out far enough but she's getting it.

Did some of the same with Yoshi too but a shorter distance and just around a cone.  He's also getting it.

Tue Apr 23
Regular walk for Trek
Short walk for Yoshi

Mon Apr 22
Simple walk for Trek
Yoshi is still limping so no walk for him and gave him more Rimadyl.

Sun Apr 21
Took Yoshi on a walk at Bay Farm.
Trek went with us to Dog Bone Alley.  We got small bags of Arana which is also by the people who make Orijin, but has some grain added.

In the evening Yoshi went around a corner behind a bush and came out limping. Nothing obvious in his paw so I gave him a Rimadyl.

Sat Apr 20
I went on a training climb up Flag Hill Peak in Sunol.

Wed Apr 17
Trek obedience in the yard at noon.  Did heeling, stand for exam and recalls.  Did a long sit and down.  Will have to do those in a park soon.
Yoshi evening walk.  Carried him past the Boston Terrier on Court which worked great.  Took some evasive action from an approaching dog by going down a side street which worked just fine

Tue Apr 16
Evening walks - there was a dog crying and I tried to find it, but couldn't.  Spoke to Paul a neighbor and he thought it was the little white fluffy dog who runs aroundor Trish's (the cat lady) dog, but didn't think he was in any distress.  Also saw John walking back home.  John is Megan's husband and Hazel's dad.

Mon Apr 15
Recovering.  Short walks.

Sat-Sun Apr 13-14
Herding trial in Los Angeles.  Doggies don't like geese they tell me and want the Call Ducks back.

The geese were mostly sticking to the fence for us the whole weekend, but Trek actually got them off once, but half way through the fetch they turned and got past her, once they crossed the line I was free to go and help but we struggled and lost 11 points (can only lose 10) so we NQ'd but we got all the way through the course and had no points off in the Z, the runway, or the pen.  Lost 9 in the cross drive which is our other week point.  For the Z we just stopped and let the geese find their way through.

Sun we lost even more points in the opening (I had to cross the line which is a big loss) and wound up just heeling around the course, but also got through it..

Yoshi didn't really want to play either time.

Fri Apr 12
Drove south to LA  Dogs did great.  They love rest stops.  6 hour trip and we stopped at two of them.  Staying at AJ's and we will just keep her and my dogs separated.

Thu Apr 11
Yoshi Walk.  Nearly walked into two dogs (small lab and long haired small dog) around the corner and we did a perfect BAT U-turn and then crossed the street as they wound up following us and then we got to heel past them.  He did bark at them at first but had no problem heeling part on the other side of the street.

Uneventful walk for Trek

We leave for LA tomorrow morning.

Wed Apr 10
Yoshi walk
Saw Janice and Corgi Shelby and son Jasper again.  Little drama.  Them on Court saw a Boston Terrier playing fetch in his driveway across the street and Mr. Y was no happy about that at all but once I called him he was happy to give me his attention.

Then we stopped and chatted with LuAnn DeWitt.  She was doing some pruning and she showed us her beautiful backyard.  Her house had been on the house tour before but I'd never seen the yard or don't remember it..  A pair of dogs walked by and Yoshi half heartedly barked at them.

Rest of the walk was uneventful.

I took Trek to Pet Food Express to buy treats.  A kid was bouncing a ball in the isle and she wasn't happy about that so we went to another part of the store and then went back.  We went outside to look at the sale rack and I had to drag her back in the store.  What dog doesn't like a store full of treats?  We then walked along the back of the stores by the water but all she wanted to do was go back to the car.  Sigh.

Tue Apr 9
Yoshi and I practice our 180 BAT U-turns a couple of times this walk and he did very well with them first we saw Janic ahd Corgi Shelby without drama.

Trek and I played fetch in the yard briefly.

Mon Apr 8
Yoshi noon walk.
I say the JRT on Johnson.  She was on her steps and her owner had just gone down the steps doing something.  I debated a moment and then when doggy was looking elsewhere we crossed the street (She is the second house down.)  We make it to the corner and i hear Rrrrr Step light bark.  I bend down and pick Yoshi up as she approaches to about 10-15 feet.  Not aggressively but still barking. I called out "Help!" and walked back to the corner carrying Yoshi who is bent over looking down and I said "Could you call your dog?"  Owner apologized and called his dog, I mentioned that my dog wasn't friendly.  No drama but things went way better because i picked Yoshi up immediately.  If I had done that with the Pap on Central years ago there would have been less drama.

Fetch for Trek in the yard.

Sun Apr 7
bike ride for yoshi
redwood hike for Trek

Sat Apr 6
Hike for me in Pacifica sans doggies

Fri Apr 5
Last herding practice before LA.  Ulp.
It went ok.  Yoshi is still too pushy with the ducks but for the geese that probably is fine.  I'm thinking this is his last time to go to LA.  I don't know about Trek.

Trek's practice was relatively fine.

I taped the session but haven't decided whether to upload them.

Wed Apr 3
Yoshi walk.  While we were watching a dog on the opposite corner as we were approaching another dog crossed the street right in front of us.  This often happens.  I'll be carefully watching one sitation and another walks right up to us.  We u-turned with Yoshi barking some, but he settled down pretty quickly.  then we went back to going by the other dog and would up parallel walking with them for 1/2 a block.

Trek and I played fetch in the yard which she enjoyed.  I should add in the side yard but I'll likely be throwing things into my neighbor's yard.  Guess I should just use tennis balls.  Trek absolutely loves the squeaky Kong tennis balls.  She'll stand there squeaking one just for fun.

Tue Apr 2
Morning. Quick walk for Trek
Noon.  First Yoshi and the spaniel mix on the other side of the fence were yelling at each other.  I walk out and gently, but firmly grabbed Yoshi by the neck and just held him still and he didn't move at all or struggle and the other dog stopped barking as much.  Then both dogs and I walked more to the center of the yard and played: let's ignore the barking dog

Then Yoshi and I went on a walk.  Saw a dog a block down but no reaction.
Saw another one approaching us on Central.  I let use get a little closer before turning down a side street.  No reaction.

Mon Apr 1
Evening.  Terri and I and both dogs went on a walk  Stopped and said hello to Dorothy and her daughters family who are moving

Saw a large brown Lab on Central so we crossed Central and Yoshi and I worked on heeling past the dog.  Then we waited for the dog to pass again (I want down a side street a short ways), and then we headed back.  Had one dog cross in front of us on Gibbons but they were too far away to get a reaction.

Sun Mar 31
Not much.

Sat Mar 30
Went on a hike on my own, and then did short walks with each dog.

Fri Mar 29
Both dogs worked ducks and they both did well.  Trek is ready for the ring and Yoshi is ever improving.
Doing 2 5 minute session for each dog worked really well.

Thu Mar 28
Basic walkies.

Wed Mar 27
Straightforward walks for both dogs.  Doing more herding commands with Yoshi.  He's listening well too.

Tue Mar 26
Basic walk for Trek I took a camera along to photograph all the plants in bloom - mostly a neighbor's cherry tree.

Yoshi evening walk.  No dog sightings, so we were able to work on herding commands such as downing at a distance and recalls. He did ok but made me resolve to work him more in the yard.

So in the yard I got the black want out and worked on Flank and Away and then Down at the cone I'm sending him around and then Walk and Slow.  He seems to be getting it.  I'd like him wider but there is no room for it in the yard.

This was complicated by the dog on the other side barking with was making him yell back but I actually got his attention and he was able to work with the dog barking at him which is way excellent.

Then Trek, of course, insisted on the same thing and seemed ok with the scary black wand.  She did great.

Mon Mar 25
The Sac Valley Collie Club trial has been posted for June 8-9.  I sent a premium request to Diane who was the trial secretary last time.
It's a week before the Washington Pembroke trial.  I will enter the Washington trial but likely won't go if I get into the Auburn trial.  What's funny is that I have two dogs, so I could almost fill the Started level by myself if they'd let me (unlikely.)

After thinking about it, I'm going to enter Yoshi.  the environment is just about perfect save for getting him to and out of the ring but I can manage that.

Basic walks for both dogs.
Yoshi evening walk, the little white fluffy dog wanted to come see us again.  Yoshi started barking and I shouted NO to the dog and he stopped on his side of the street.

Later on I walked over and talked to the niece of the owner and let her know that the dog has been crossing the street and nearly was hit by a car (small exaggeration - the car saw him, but still.)  She said she'd talk to her uncle.  Apparently there are ways that doggy can get out of the house.  It's the house that parially beautifully painted and has scaffolding in front of it.

Sun Mar 24
Yoshi Rally Trial
Yoshi got his Rally Novice title this morning which is probably a title
that I've worked for the hardest with any dog. :)

He did it with no outbursts (though had some before he went in), and he successfully navigated the awards ceremony which was probably the most challenging part.

His AKC Rally career is done now.  I haven't decided whether to continue in the sport formerly known as APDT Rally where they can work inside a building and there are only two other dogs present when he's working.  It's a better environment for him, but he still worries (and off-leash training opportunities are limited with him, unlike on-leash training which we do every day), so even though he's good at it, I'm not sure if he enjoys it though he likes the cheese.

He more prefers the herding environment where the number of dogs are fewer and the number of breeds is limited.

His score was a 79.  He himself got a 99, I misread a sign as right finish halt instead of right finish forward and turned it into an 89, then the judge thought he hadn't downed and it turned into a 79.  We showed the video to the judge later with him doing a nice down and she was very apologetic, and hopefully she'll now be in a better position when watching a Corgi in the future..

I am just so thrilled that Yoshi held it together in that environment.  Fortunately there were only 40 dogs total and the rally was over on the end and on concrete.  He did bark at some dogs before he went in but had no outbursts at all during his run.  You can tell on the video that he was a little out of his depth but he coped ok.

Video of his run is here:http://youtu.be/lpg5A0x26IM

Very quick down the block walk for Trek before Cathy came by for our DVD night.

Sat Mar 23
Longer walk for Yoshi.  through the park and out to the water and back through the park.  We negociated a miriad of dog hazards succesfully.  I wanted him to get some practice for tomorrow but wanted it to all be good experiences.

Trek - Went to the small dog park and played fetch which she seemed to enjoy.  Met a young Corgi.  Also saw Deborah and Tibetian Terrier Cosmo.

Fri Mar 22
Both Dogs Herding
today we focused exclusively on the geese with mixed results.  I saw enough that both dogs can do enough of an outrun to get them across the handler's line.  Once the stock crosses that line I can go help out.  Trek is better about control, but she was completely uninterested in working today and was picking up on my stress (both dogs were) and lagging and eating poop.  Yoshi does his usual crowd to much and then wander off and eat poop until I call him again.  They don't much like the geese.

I put Yoshi back on ducks briefly and he did much better.

I've decided that they've had enough exposure and what they need is more duck time where they can do actual herding instead of us just following the geese around.

We have 2 more sessions before LA.

Thu Mar 21
Trek noon fetch

Toshi evening walk.  On Central there was a smaller dog across the street coming towards us.  I had him heel past it - took effort needed some leash tension but did ok.

Wed Mar 20
Basic walks for both dogs.

Tue Mar 19
Trek noon walk - fine.  Doing some fabulous attention she really needs to be challenged more.
I should teach her the leather articles.
She got the down signal correct this time

Yoshi evening walk
I am debating taking him to class tonight but he did so well on his walk I'm not sure it would be good practice for him.
His run for his RN is this Sunday and I want him to do well.
We across the street parallel walked with a dog the size of a Cattle Dog which went great though we did find out selves underneath a small white dog on his 2nd floor balcony who was swearing at all of us.  Yoshi was able to walk beside him with out issue.
Then we followed a Sheltie for a while and heeled past a Lab across the street without incident.  Good boy.  He's ready for Sunday's Rally Trial

Mon Mar 18
Yoshi noon walk
We watched a GSD check us out from a far.  We didn't try to walk past them.

Sun Mar 17
Trek ODTC Ob. Match
Yoshi isn't going as there will be 180 dogs there which is poor preparation for a 40 dog trial next week.  He will be going to the Rally class next Tues.

Trek was able to run the Excellent Rally course with only some overly joyous grass rolling and not too much sign sniffing  There was a return to heel where she didn't want to swing in too close to the sign and I'll have to remember that.

In Open she was mostly the expected head case and didn't want to be anywhere hear the clunky obedience jumps (agility jumps are completely fine).  I got her to heels around some and do a retrieve on the flat but the jump what distracting her.  I got her to go over the jump and then tossed the dumbbell on the ground and she went over the jump with is and then out of the ring entirely.  I got her to come back and I called it done then.

We then went over to sits and downs and did a couple of novice ones.  The first one she went down on the sit, but was fine one everything else which is way cool given that she's been breaking downs when someone touches a jump in the next ring.

There was a break in our Open ring so we went back in and did a fair bit of heeling and she was pretty relaxed then which is encouraging.  I parked her with Wendy Wallace for a while who fed her treats and she liked that a lot.  Mileage it seems to be about mileage and taking breaks.  Wish we would get two trys on things in obedience.

Yoshi would not have had a nice time there.

Sat Mar 16
Straightforward walks for both dogs.

I'm now realizing that some of Yoshi's issue are consistent with Autism Spectrum, so I'm checking more into it.

Fri Mar 15
Yoshi Herding
Today he went by himself and we introduced him to the geese for both times.
He did great.  I am so thrilled with him.  No head case.  Part of the reason is that he was very careful around then.  As he gains confidence he might go a bit awry.  He goosed one and I had to get on his case about backing off, but we went right back to work.  He goes at a reasonable speed.  He will stop though I do have to call to him first.  His directionals are fine mostly.  Out works.  They will come off the fence.

I have started to hold the wand in my off side hand (though still pointed to him), but I am pushing out with my on-side arm which seems to make a difference.

He is going to LA. but I did scratch his PT sheep run.  Both dogs are in Started Geese.
Net time should probably be all Yoshi and the next few should be split with maybe adding in an extra run here and there.

Wed Mar 13
Yoshi morning walk.  One over the shoulder retreat barking at a dog behind us and across the street but other than that fine.
Trek noon walk.  A ok.

I can't decide whether to scratch Yoshi from the Corgi trial.  I'll try him on the geese on Friday and see if I can get him interested.  I should try more on geese as there are several goose herding opportunities as well as duck.

I got back the confirmation for the Ob/Rally Match this Sunday.  There are 180 dogs entered(!)  This is entirely too many for Yoshi to cope with and it would not be good preparation for his trial the next Sunday which only has 40 dogs (a nice number).  So he won't be going on Sunday (Just Trek).  I will bring him Rally dropin next Tuesday and find a way to make it work.

Tue Mar 12
Trek walk noon.  Some neighbors let their small white dog run around and he came across the street.  In fact stood in the street but fortunately the approaching car saw him.  Finally chased him back across the street.  This is really stupid - we've already had one dog killed in that area.  I don't know them but I need to say hello and tell them their dog is crossing the street now.

Yoshi walk.  Saw what I think was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel walking on the other side of the street.  Yoshi growled but we stopped and walked the other way.  JRT approaching.  We crossed the street and this time I had him sit and "watch" me as they passed.  He would glance occasionally but looked back at me when I asked.  He did this very well.  I told him he was a good boy and we turned and continued on while giving him a treat.

Mon Mar 11
Noon yoshi walk
Remarkably relaxed.  It was nice to see him just out for a stroll.
Trek was a little more up so we ran for part of the time.

Sat-Sun Mar 9-10
Herding Trial in Auburn
no Q because i wanted the ducks to go around the cone correctly.  If i had just skipped the cone and moved on it would have been fine. Sigh.
Made the obstacles this time.  But lost way too may points in the opening (14/20 and you can only lose 10).

Put video link here.

We Q'd.  Horray.
Even with missing the Z, the runway and the cross-drive gates.

She's so silly at trials  on Friday she was being so careful.  Not this weekend.

Put video link here.

Fri Mar 8
Herding practice Trek.
The wind blew over some chairs that we had placed in the ring and she was a head case for most of the time.  I got her going again with a lot of effort and the we did 2 more short sessions.  This doesn't cast a great hope for tomorrow but her actual herding of the ducks was very, very nice so there is hope.

She really doesn't like the black wand that I use in the ring so when we got back I got out the white one and worked with her some in the backyard sending out around a cone and she did very well with that one so we'll use that one.

Thu Mar 7
Yoshi morning walk.  We went down the other side of the street and he liked all the new smells.  We usually don't because there are cats and loose dogs over there fortunately didn't see any of the this time.

Wed Mar 6
Yoshi noon walk - no drama.
Trek evening walk - It was a bit late so we walked over in the Fernside.  No racoons.  Phew.

Tues Mar 5
Trek walk noon - Fine.

Yoshi evening walk.  Pap on Court St coming towards us.  We crossed the street and I told him to heel he was locked on to the dog growling and I very lightly tweaked his ear and got his attention and then he was able to refocus and cope.  In the very next block came a grey hound moving fairly slow.  No problem heeling past this dog.

One Central the owner of the two reactive white dogs (Bichons?) saw us and crossed the street and we heeled past them also but Central is a much wider street.  Saw the greyhound again and this time we just sat on a corner and watched them walk by which was just fine.

After some internal debate I took Yoshi to ODTC's Rally Class.  While he does ok at ODTC once the class is rolling the Rally class has dogs all stuffed on one side while one dog runs the course.  If there are more than 4-5 other dogs it really makes Yoshi uncomfortable.  6 other dogs were there and that was too many so we just did the warm up which was just wandering through the course working little pieces of it with the other dogs.  As long as I kept him far enough from the other dogs (say 8' or so) he was able to work.  We did this for 10 minutes and then left.  It actually was perfect.  I had told Debra that we might not be doing the class if there were too many dogs.

Mon Mar 4
Basic dog walks.

Sun Mar 3
Yoshi Lincoln Park work.  In the front of the park did a lot of Rally work.  He first was very much a swivel head but was able to work after a bit.  We then walked through the park and in the back he barked at a Visla walking by, but then later was able to watch the dog running and playing fetch with no issue.

Sat Mar 2
Yoshi walk
Yeesh.  One dog in front of us released off leash though we had just crossed the street so Yoshi didn't react.
One block later a dog approached and we crossed the street and I was just setting up when he reacted much stronger that what he would have reacted to.  Asking him "What's with you?" we walked (forcibly) further down the side street.  Looking up I see the dog and the person crossing the street from a place I didn't see them before.  This implies that they came closer and Yoshi saw it and I didn't.  Then as we continued down the street a JRT (different from last time) go out of his house and was recalled by the owners and the other dog is still there talking to them.  By this time I'm carrying Yoshi so no drama, but it left me wondering what else was going to happen during the walk but nothing did.

Elf came over for us to work on sorting each other's photos.  She brought her dogs so Yoshi got to be in a crate and Trek varied from being out in the living room to sulking by the bedroom door in "Let my people go" style.

Fri Mar 1
Herding.  Trek geese. still tentative but ok.  We were able to get them off the fence.
Yoshi sheep.  What a pain.  They would sort of stay with me but he would get to close and they'd run.  I need to keep forcing him out wider and get him to get on the other side of the sheep.  Linda stepped in and when she would whack the ground with the wand and say out he did so and the sheep stayed with her.

I decided to enter him into geese as rewatching his video from the Corgi Nationals, we got half way through the course the first day.  I think just he and I are going next week.  We'll do a sheep session and on on-leash geese introduction.

Thu Feb 28
Yoshi noon walk.  Trek evening walk.  No drama.

Wed Feb 27

Yoshi noon walk.  Stopped to say hello to Paul across the street and also Dan and Pury (sp?).  Some mistaken identity but no dogs to speak of.  Worked on heeling, heel into a down,  heel into a sit. pivoting, backing up.  He's ready.

I went to the gym so no walk for Trek

Tue Feb 26
Filed insurance claim for Yoshi about his giardia adventure.

Yoshi noon walk.  One of those near miss moments.  Crossing Johnson I hear a JRT running and bark bark barking at us.  Out of the corner of my eye I see two people standing there looking surprised.  I was able to focus and get Yoshi and pick him up before JRT got there.  Yoshi is yelling back now and I'm telling him "We're walking away now."  I actually walked into the street.  Then doggy went back to owner and they had a hold of him and I carried Yoshi back to the sidewalk and continued down the street putting him on the ground after a couple of houses.  It was only right around then that I noticed that my blood pressure had jumped way up and I was very much going  guh guh gah omg.  If the timing had been different it could have gone way wrong.  Phew.  Rest of the walk was much calmer.

Trek evening walk.  Went over to the school to practice some heeling.  Accosted by girls who were very nice to her but she didn't like their scooter though I was able to convince them to keep it further away.  Then a bouncing ball appeared and she wasn't thrilled but able to do a little work before we left.  Walked around the perimeter of the school and headed back.

Went into the back yard and worked on dumbbell retrieves first on the flat and then over a jump.  First time she went around the jump on the return but then I stood closer and she did it in both directions.  One question I have is are you allowed to move to the center of the jump once you toss the dumbbell and send the dog because you are not lined up with the jump when you throw the dumbbell.

Also had her go over the jump with me standing beside it sort of like how a broadjump would be.

Mon Feb 25
Basic walks.  Both dogs were really happy to get out and walk.
Yoshi saw a Black Lab which he was able to heel and mostly ignore.

Watched the Susan Clothier DVD about Canine Fear.  She's very insightful.

Thu-Sun Feb 21-24
I was out of town and Terri had the dogs.  They played a lot of fetch.
Dietary indiscretion Trek barfed once or twice.

Wed Feb 20
Yoshi morning walk.  Saw a dog while we were standing on the driveway and turned around immediately.  One over the shoulder bark but otherwise ok.  No drama the rest of it and he was offering really great attention.  He's ready for the ring and he has a month to go.

Noon: some fetch in the yard with both dogs
Trek noon walk.  She did great.  Needs to get a better clue about what "Front" really means those she's getting it.  Needs more work on her down signal.

I think I want her to go into the Corgi Specialty in Rally (both Excellent and Advanced).  Do better than we did last year when she got her RE title with a score in the 70s.  Time to show people what Corgi's can really do.

Tue Feb 19
Boring dog walks for both.  Worked on heeling sideways with Trek. She really does like that.

i sent in an entry for Trek for the Collie Club even though it's pointless.  I'm hoping I get on a mailing list.  Either way i have the premium which has the contact information.

Mon Feb 18
Raining and icky

Sun Feb 17
Yoshi was being a barking fool, so I took him on a long 2+ mile walk.  Went through the park out to the water on Central and then down Fernside until the Yacht club then we swung over to the water and walked along the water all the way to Broadway and then went back home.  I carried him past one dog in a narrow section.  Sat on a bench by the water and held onto him when three dogs passed.  Took evasive action on a side street to let 2 more pass.  Said hello to various people and he was good for them.

When we got home he was tired, but still wired but once he relaxed he crashed.  Ahhhh.

Trek walk.  Did a lot of Rally work.  Heeling in various ways.  Backup, Moving stand, recall, some sideways heeling - she seems to like this.  When I'm standing in front of her, she still doesn't know the Down signal without me saying Down.  Beside me she seems to know it better.

Sat Feb 14
I went snowshoeing and Terri entertained the dogs.

Fri Feb 15
Trek Geese, Yoshi Sheep (first goats)
This was Trek's first time on the Mini Geese.  They're very cool animal.  Trek wasn't so sure of them and was very careful, which means that she did a very nice job.  I had her on the long line at first but that wasn't working so I had her on the short leash and then just took her off.  She isn't getting out as wide as she needs to, so I started using the push out signal with my on-side arm and then just held the wand in my off-side hand.  But she was very calm and the geese didn't mind her at all.  We even got them up the center ramp walk through.  She might be a little intimidated by them or could sense my nervousness about them.  She wasn't treating them like toys like she sometimes does with the Call Ducks.

Yoshi.  He was really up so we started on goats just to let him get a little tired then we switched to the next pen that had 3 sheep.  Sheep are so much work but we actually finally had some success with a lot of coaching from Linda.  First she said that I shouldn't approach them with Yoshi by my side as the sheep won't trust me.  I need to put him in a stay and go to the sheep, then when I release him I have to push out hard in the direction I want him to go in (so he doesn't come straight in) and as soon as I get it release the pressure by fading back.  For example if I want him to go on an Away then say Away and then push and say OUT.  It actually started to work for a few seconds.  It's exhausting, but it was really cool to see it happening.  Part of my brain was like "Wow look at him work."  Everything is faster and more easily slides out of control with sheep than with goats but it's cool when it works.  Unlike with goats, doggy and I mostly can't be on the same side unless we're driving.

Wed Feb 13
Morning walk for Yoshi.  Way better than yesterday.  Wonder if he wasn't feeling well.  More probably because I wasn't paying enough attention.
Little white fluffy dog across the street.  One growl and he then heeled with me as they walked past.  It helped that we had already been working on heeling.  Then later on the very same dog was coming towards us.  We crossed Gibbons and then successfully heeled past them again.  Good boy.

Trek - fetch in the yard which she really had a fun time with.

Tue Feb 12
Morning walk for Yoshi.  He was quite the twit this morning.  2 dog sightings and much barking.  Not much I did made a difference.
Trek noon walk - fine.

Yoshi started the 1st day of 5 days of Giardia meds over his meal (once a day).

Mon Feb 11
Morning walk for Trek.  Had to back a quiche for book club so no walk for Yoshi.  Just heard back from the vet that he had giardia so we'll pick up some meds for his tomorrow.

Sun Feb 10
Bike-run with Yoshi at Washington Park.  He was a real jerk a couple of times then seemed to settle once we had gone a ways.  Found out that if I have one foot on the ground and he pulls in the same direction he can pull me over (though not that dramatic.)

He pooped bright red so I put it in a plastic bag and took it over to the vet's.  They said it was some blood asked if they could culture it which Terri said yes to it.

Trek walk.

Sat Feb 9
A general charge around the neighborhood for each dog.  No drama.  Been taking Trek a different way (through the Fernside) for variety

Fri Feb 8
I entered both dogs into the April herding trial.  Started Geese for Trek.  PT Sheep for Yoshi with the option of moving him up to Started.  Need to send the fees in.

Thu Feb 7
Walk for Yoshi and Fetch in the yard for Trek.  She loves playing fetch without Yoshi around.

Wed Feb 6
Trek walk - lots of sniffing, so very enthusiastic heeling work.  Worked on the double left about turn (drunken schizhund turn).
Yoshi noon walk - no dogs really but he also did some great focused Rally work.  He can do a schizhund turn too and backup and stand.  I really wish I could leave him in Rally Nov B.  We can only do that for 60 days after he gets his RN which might allow for him to go to the Oakland trial.

He can continue in APDT Rally as long as he wants (10 legs I think which is more than i could stand anyway.)

I think I can try him at class in two weeks on the 19th Suzanne the instructor says we can come early and do some work sans dogs.  I think we'll do that.

Tues Feb 5
Yoshi noon walk
We heeled past two labs on the other side of the street.  That was a challenge.  Then later by 3 small dogs on the corner.  Both of these were a challenge but we turned away from them at first and had a brief conversation before we turned and heeled past them.  That worked well.  Then right when I wasn't looking a medium size dog appeared across the street surprising us both and he barked and pulled.  Ah well.

Trek evening walk  Went a different way and Trek mostly did a lot of sniffing until later when she did some nice work.

Trek ODTC Rally run-through class.  I was going to take Yoshi but wanted to check out the class composition first.  Trek really doesn't like the hall but since there wasn't a lot of jump changing she finally did stop shaking and actually just laid down and pouted.  During the warm up with all the dogs roaming around she really couldn't concentrate.  On her first run it was rocky but ok.  The second run was better, but she would still swing wide from time to time.  But she was definitely better than she was in the past so this class might be good for her.  Though only 2 runs isn't very much.

Mon Feb 4
Trek walk enthusiastic
Yoshi noon walk.  On our own street he saw one of the white fluffy dogs just standing outside his house.  He barked at the dog but didn't pull.  I asked him to come along with me and he did readily with no pulling but still doing some looking.  Later on there was a Visla walking down a cross street in front of us.  We stopped and watched for a little and as they came closer to crossing the street we retreated some and I told him what a good boy he was.  He was aware of the dog but wasn't stressed by the dog.  I keep hoping he'll learn to do this on his own but I'm not optimistic but he is much more relaxed.

Grisha Stewart is good about reminding us that for the most part reactive dogs want the other dog to go away even if they are trying to charge at them.

Sun Feb 3
Dog walk sin drama.
Might have been some park work here too.

Fri Feb 1
Yoshi walk and rally work.  We walked down High St which I usually avoid because there is no lateral space, but decided that I needed to get used to it and I can always pick him up if I need to.  We got to the park without a dog encounter.  On walking into the park we steered around some entering dogs and got over to the area that I usually practice in.  He was up and excited and not very focused at all.  His Rally heeling was ok but he would check completely out sometimes and I'd have to use collar pressure to get his attention sometimes just dragging him around a little.  Over time his focus got better.

I saw an older Golden approaching slowly.  I walked Yoshi towards him and then when he saw the dog I turned Yoshi around and we walked away and I told him what a good dog he was being (which he really was.)  The owner of the Golden was on the phone and they walked up and stopped so they could see us (not intentionally)  Yoshi was able to keep working with the Golden looking right at us even though we'd come closer at times.  This is great practice for a trial where dogs will be staring at him.  Then they moved on and Yoshi was still able to focus and not react.  He got well rewarded for that.  While we exited the park a younger golden came in and we steered around them laterally which worked perfectly.

He then got to have an extended hello from my neighbors which he enjoyed - no dogs appeared fortunately.

Trek walk.  Her signals are not yet solid but she knows the words very well now.  For the moving stand saying Stay seems to work the best.  With Stop she'll go a couple more steps.

In the yard we made a film with her picking up 10 toys that I scattered in the yard.  It was fun.

Thu Jan 31
Trek morning walk - fine.

Yoshi noon walk.  Did some nice work without much swivelheading.  Ad we got back to the house, there was a bulldog across the street.  I asked Yoshi to heel past the dog which was mostly ok.  then we turned around and did it again - that was great.  Then we turned around with him again being closer to the dog than I was.  He looked hard but I said Leave it and he refocused on me and heeled on by.  Good boy!

He's still a little up and stressed so I'm debating putting him back on L-theanine.

Wed Jan 30
Yoshi again saw a dog right out the door.  This time I just fed him cheese.  While he was able to cope while the dog passed by he didn't seem to relax very much and the second I stopped he'd be right focused on the dog again.    My hands are a little stress chewed by him too.  Then I asked him to heel and I got it which was nice.
Then racheted up he started barking at a kid carrying something.

Then on Santa Clara we saw the foxhound puppy coming towards us and we crossed the street and I had him heel again and he did this very well.  He needs this work for Rally anyway so this is good.  Coming back we saw them again and we repeated it successfully.

I wonder if his's Prozac is still helping him.  I thought so.  Hmmm.

Trek noon walk.  Went down to the noisier High St and then back on Santa Clara.  While she doesn't like the noise of High St., she is coping much better with it these days.

I have the entry premium for the Countywide Rally trial in Petaluma.  I've been there before and it would likely be a good venue for Yoshi to finish his Rally Novice title.  Even less passer by traffic than Oakland, but it's still outdoors.  I could bring Trek too if I wanted to hassle having Yoshi in the car barking at everyone.  Maybe not.

Tue Jan 29
Yoshi short walk.
Trek walk fine.

Mon Jan 28
Yoshi morning walk.  Of late I've been taking Trek on the morning walk but Yoshi really wanted to go so we went and he really wanted to do some Obedience work.  He wasn't really so distractable and we could heel for a ways before I'd see an eye shift.  I usually have to reinforce him much more often to get good attention.

Trek noon walk.  The sun is actually warm for the first time in a month so it was really nice to get out.  That signaling difficulty that I had a couple days ago has disappeared.  I wish they would come up with something harder in Rally as she's really up for it.  I do need to work around the Rally signs.  Maybe now that I have Tuesdays I should go to the Rally dropin at ODTC which is once a month.

Sun Jan 27
Yoshi walk.  We went through the park and then out to the water's edge on Central  In the park  We did a BAT turn around on one dog but then I turned him around to let him have a look and he started pulling and barking.  I dragged him away telling him to knock if off.  Then he seemed fine for the next two dogs save for a small growl.  We sat for a while at the water's edge and then headed back the way we came without incident save for letting him greet a couple of kids.

Trek walk.  We went to Dog Bone Alley which we hadn't done for a while.  We walk there to buy a special treat for her.  Similar to going to the store for an ice cream cone.  She did great - I'm very pleased.  We walked down Santa Clara and then down 2 blocks of Park.  Spent time in Books Inc. and Dog Bone Alley where she was showered with treats and pets.  Then we walked back on Central and then down a block of Broadway (also a busy street)  Not nearly as freakish as she's been before.  A Harley went by and she didn't like that, but coped.

Sat Jan 26
Yoshi walk.  On our street we belatedly saw two black dogs on the other side.  I tightened the leash and just talk to him.  Mostly things like "You can do this you're ok." in a calm voice.  He growled, but held it together and I gave him some cheese after they had gone by.  He was able to focus and do some good Rally work.  I notice that he responds better to him name before the word "come."

Trek walk.  We went by the school to look at bouncing balls from a distance which she did fine at  We were sitting at the corner about to cross when I heard a ball bounce near us.  I decided to just feed her cheese rather than run away.  She did ok but my fingers are a little sore from her stress chewing.

Fri Jan 25
Herding with both dogs
Trek Ducks
She did very well.  She's moving at a much more methodical rate now.  She's stopping well when I ask.  Only the occasional buzzing of a duck.  Her distances are very nice.  I still have to think about my directionals which slows me down a little. I asked Linda to give us a driving lesson and she came out and described that it has to do with having doggy "walk up" in a steady manner stopping if she gets too close.

The ducks tend to curl in toward the person so I have to call her in closer to me.  She didn't get this at first but finally understood that I wanted her in closer to me.  During a cross-drive she had me stand away from the draw and let doggy be on the other side.  It's difficult but rewarding when we finally got it right.  We then ended with her doing some fetching since working on driving can mess up fetching.

Yoshi Sheep and Ducks
Well he's improving.  He's stressing less though he still charges in sometimes.  But he's learning to flank naturally.  i still get stuck behind sheep at the wrong times which is frustrating, but if I keep moving it works better.

Thu Jan 24
Trek Morning walk - short, but she enjoyed it
Yoshi noon walk 3 dogs approaching we turned down a side street and watched for a bit but I didn't go far enough and he barked at their approach so we retreated (and they disappeared.)

Wed  Jan 23
Raining - no walks

Tues Jan 22
Trek morning walk
We ran beside a scary trash truck and she got a lot of treats for that.

I mentioned Trek being a rally sign sniffer and someone responded with the typical teach leave-it (of course - I have a video on teaching leave it, but I didn't mention that), but they did talk about walking around the signs without interacting with them and that made me realize that Trek doesn't normally see signs so her "What is that?" reaction is completely normal.  Duh.  I'll have to make some fake signs.

Mon Jan 21
Trek morning walk
Yoshi noon walk 2 near misses.  Drat.

Sun Jan 20
Both dogs walked with Terri and I to the store.
Yoshi wasn't listening well at all.

Sat Jan 19
Trek Rally Mission Bell Trials.  She was not great in the first run fine in the next.  Mostly ok in the third during a really hard run, and again a goof in the last run.  Surprisingly she qualified in all the runs.

Fri Jan 18
Went Skiing.  It was gorgeous.

Thu Jan 17
Yoshi morning walk - Back on L-Theanine
Way cold.  Just rushed through it mostly.

Noon - Trek just played fetch in the yard.  I put Yoshi away and she had a blast dashing after tennis balls, small frisbees, squeaky balls.  i fed her about every third time but she almost doesn't need it.

Wed Jan 16
Yoshi morning walk
1 dog on Central.  We practiced BAT.  I let him look at the dog.  He did and paused (I get 1.5 seconds of grace before a reaction).  I called his name (which is a recall), he turned back to me, and we walked away and then I fed him.  Then we walked back and repeated it.  One time he was a little over threshold and wouldn't look back and I had to call him twice.

At the end we were standing on the driveway and he really wanted to go back to the street.  I let him and there was the young hound approaching on our side of the street.  He growled and I called him and we walked away.  He's much worse on his home turf.

i should probably try him back on L-Theanine.

Tues Jan 15
Trek morning walk
Yoshi noon walk
They are both really wanting to do more work for food.
Yoshi is more up and a touch more stressed without the L-Theanine.
It's tricky as he's more responsive.

Mon Jan 14
Squeezed in a noon walk for Yoshi.
I let us run out of L-Theanine to see how he does.
He is certainly up, but very responsive too.
He saw a couple of dogs but behaved mostly.  The small dog that I let him look at a little longer got a growl.

Sun Jan 13
Both dogs got walks.  No real drama.

Sat Jan 12
Yoshi morning walk
2 huskies coming right at us.  We cross the street and do BAT in my neighbor's driveway.  the idea of BAT is that you wait for doggy to notice the other dog or do some sort of deflecting behavior like a sniff, and then call the dog and click and walk away as a reward and then optionally feed when you're a distance away.
We repeated this about 3 times as the dogs weren't moving that fast.
Also saw another dog with similar success (I think - details on that one are hazy)

Trek noon walk  Tested her out on the more difficult Rally exercises since she's going to be in the ring in a weak.  No probelm moving stand and stationary stand look great.  Back up is fine.  Can stand her walk out and then have her down or sit and then recall.  She's loving this too.

Fri Jan 11
Dogs herding
Trek did well on ducks.  She still buzzes them from time to time but it's maybe twice in a run.

Yoshi and I struggled with a mixed flock though when Linda stepped in he did well (argh).  He likes to be near me too much and gets out well for Linda.  We did start to do better right at the end.

Thu Jan 10
I was busy at work at Terri was nice enough to walk each dog around the block.  No drama fortunately.

Wed Jan 9
Uneventful walks for both dogs.

Worked with Trek on Go.  I notice that her enthusiasm for it messes up her heeling.  Hmmmm.  Maybe after the trial on the 19th.

Tue Jan 8
Trek morning walk.  Worked a little more on Go/Go Out.  She'll take a few steps and then bark at me I think because there isn't something flying through the air to fetch.

I need to figure out how to get her to go out to nothing.  Utility dogs are taught to go out to a targer on a ring stand.  Obviously that works, but I'd rather not have to have a planted target.  Agility dogs go out to obstacles.  Herding dogs go out to run outside of flocks of stock.

Yoshi walk.  No issue, he also is wanting to learn something and do some work.

Just found out that Grisha Stewart is going to be holding a BAT seminar in Dublin at the East Bay SPCA May 11-12, 2013.
I have signed up for it.

Grisha's web site is: http://functionalrewards.com/

Mon Jan 7
Yoshi walk.  On Central a smaller dog came around the corner heading straight for us.  I could have picked him up but there was enough distance so we U-turned and went back to Mound St. down 1/2 a houselength and he got to eat cheese while doggy (smallish, ligh beige fur, terrier size but not fluffy) went by and into his house two down from the corner.

Yoshi has been too much of a space case lately.  (Standing out in the yard just staring out - probably listening for squirrels who have gone to bed.)  I've decided we should cut his Prozac back to 5mg.

Trek noon fetch in yard.
Watching a Patricia McConnell DVD on  Dog Reactivity.  It's a good overview but it's intended to just be an introduction.  It's funny the seminar was held at Grisha Stewart's who invented BAT (http://functionalrewards.com/), and she does the introduction I think.  I like to see videos of dog's worse than my dog as I don't feel so bad.  Her own dog Willie worked through some major issues and can now be trusted around other dogs which has me envious.

Sun Jan 6

Yoshi Bike Run Washington Park
Blassful.  Cloudy grey day not a lot of people.  First he saw a few dogs and barked at them but not seriously.  On the actual bike/run didn't see a dog at all.  Went over and looked at the dog park and he got to eat treats for that.  It was very nice and not too muddy like I was concerned about.  He did run directly on the asphalt path for a while but his toes seem ok.

Trek walk - went fine she's begging to DO something.  Did some moving stand work which went fine.

Fri Jan 4
i went skiing

Thu Jan 3

Basic walks

Wed Jan 2
Trek morning walk - freezing cold so I kept it short.
Yoshi noon walk uneventful.

Tue Jan 1
Took Yoshi on a long walk.  We went over in and around as much of Lincoln Middle School as we could get to.  There is a path along the back of it but we could only get to it from one gate.  Yet we were able to walk the entire way and back.  We also did the full perimeter of the playing field and we walked around the condos to the marina and then came back a way I had never been before. 

No shortage of dogs.  Barked at a neighbor's JRT and Dachshund but I put a hand on him with some collar pressure.  This didn't work too well so I wound up kneeling down and put my hands on both sides of his ned and talked to him and he quieted down.

The next two dogs were across the street and I fed him for those and as we were moving on, one dog barked at the other one.  He did great with these dogs.

The rest of the encounters were a combination of let's move one type of collar pressure and some feeding.  These all worked better than the first one.

Trek got a basic walk

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